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Nevershoutnever! The Maine & We The Kings

Monday, February 28, 2011

Jona and her high school friend went to the venue earlier that day. I just came two hours before the concert starts. Thanks to Jona! We have seats reservation for A-card holder. (Flash-redial-flash-redial until someone will answer --  number one secret of expects. hahaha) Guess what? the line was a disaster. The teenage fans were all cranky enough to push people just to be the first to enter the venue. Mayhemmmm strikes!

Entrance -- 2hours earlier


People from the VIP section

The Maine

We met new concert buddies. They were only high school students. I felt a little ashamed and asked myself, "Am i too old for this??" haha I had fun! :) Lucky day for jona because  someone let us use one of his extra VIP ticket and I was the chosen one. Instead of me, I gave it to jona! I think she enjoyed and she deserved it because she is a number-one-fan-of-WE THE KINGS!!! Yeah. Rock on! 

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