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Happy Graduation!

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Congratulations to  all graduates! Welcome to a new world! For all the grade school students, who will be entering high school this June, enjoy this part of your life. High school will be one of the memorable days of your life. For all the high school students, who will be college this school year, prepare yourself it will be one heck of a ride. College should be taken seriously it will prepare you for the real world but of course! Don't forget to have fun, meet new friends and explore new things. For all the college students, who will be entering the corporate world, I welcome you to the the real world. Life is just starting. This is reality. You are now in charge of your life like ME? hehehe

Anyways, it's my sister graduation. I took a vacation leave to be her photographer. I did not expect that my other batch mates will be there too, so instead of just watching the program I catch up with them. A little talk here and there. Thanks to them, I was not bored.      

My sister on our way to her school.

with her classmates

After her graduation. Gave her a bouquet of flowers.
My sister and my proud mom.

My sister graduated grade school. She has an award, "BEST STAGE PERFORMER". She likes to join almost all the activities. Pabida! :)) Then, she also sang The Climb with her classmate during the graduation ceremony. Guess what? I did not recognized that it was her so I did not took a video of it. Sorry, my bad! :c After the graduation, we ate at Pancake House. Actually our first plan was in Hap Chan but my mom passed by and did not recognized it, I am very hungry so the nearest resto I saw was Pancake house. Then, we saw an artista. I know his first name is Jake but we can't remember his last name. Damn! his HOT! :))

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  1. OMG you might have seen JAKE VARGAS (from tweenhearts) or maybe the other Jake idk from abs !? Woooah :)) Congratulation to your sister :D


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