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Momma's Birthday

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

We celebrated her birthday a day earlier. It's Eat-All-You-Can day! Woooh. Another cheat day, because I'm on a diet. Seriously, I'm on a diet. Believe me or not, it's really me on a diet expect for that day.hehehe We ate at Yakimix in Hobbies of Asia (Macapacal). For almost an hour, we waited. Yes, we're the first on the waiting list that is why we stayed. Many Koreans, Chinese and Japanese were also dinning in that place. The opening hours for Yakimix is 11am-2pm then they resume at 6pm-11pm. My mom, sister and I were on time, 6 o'clock to be exact we arrived. On the other hand,we just can't believe how fast people came in, we ended up on a waiting list but it's really worth the wait.

the venue

raw food

cooking in our own table

plate no. 1 - with maki, beef and tofu

for dessert - ice cream and a slice of orange juice.

I was so full I can't even explain the feeling. Gluttony day for us. Too much of Japanese and Korean food. I think I won't eat for few months especially in a Japanese Restaurant. Until now I can feel the feeling of a bloated stomach, close to puking and hard to breathe. haha. TAKAW ko kasi. Well, no one can blame me. It's eat all you can resto so what should I do? Eat like a construction worker and taste all the cuisine. Yeah! the only way to enjoy food is to explore the goodness of taste that burst in our mouth. Happy Eating!

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  1. Wow. The food in there looks really yummy so I guess the wait is really worth it. Yikes!

  2. OMG GIRL! this entry made me hungry, pag ganyan wala nang diet diet! LOL!! Happy Birthday to your momma!

  3. @Mariel: yep, it really paid our time of waiting :)

  4. @jhoana: hahaha. thanks! tomo! kalimutan mo ang diet. hehe

  5. Whee. I love yakimix. It's my 2nd favorite restaurant. Their dishes are to die for. Screw diet talaga when we're there. Haha. Have you tried Vikings? Number one our list. ;)

  6. @ae mi lee: oh! not yet. i want to try it soon! :)


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