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New Starbucks Logo

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The first encounter with the new Starbucks logo. It's cool to see it. I did not recognized it until one of my friends told me. :)) I was busy that time listening and talking with them. Of course, I told myself, "I need to blog this!!!" *then took pictures of the new logo*

My Chai Latte - Iced

Cakepops! Very sweet!

New Logo!!!
When we hang around SB we usually just chill then talk then talk then zip then talk. hahaha In short, catching up with the events happening in our lives. Cool. I love talking and learning from the experiences of other people they help us to be more cautious. It can also help us to have a better decision in life. Agree? That's why I enjoy long conversation with different people, with different culture and with different aspect in life. It can make us to be a well-rounded person and it can establish our communication skills. Coffee time. =)

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  1. Finally, I know what you call these little lollipops that are in different coloured patterns!

    About the Starbucks logo, have you seen the original one? :P :P ~ http://thesocietypages.org/socimages/files/2008/06/media-starbucks-logo1.jpg

    Isn't it so different as today's logo?

  2. @kimeh: yes! it's very different from before., thanks for sharing the link for the original one. =)

  3. I like the original logo for some reason! hahaha! :D


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