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Wavy or Straight?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I am not scared of changing my hairstyle. I have done short to long or wavy to straight hair but one major dilemma is, "What suits me the best?". For these pass few months I am coping the hairstyle of Saab Magalona. hahaha Yes, I am a fan of her hair. Messy but in a good way. On the other hand, I am not Saab, who can carry a messy hair with confidence. That's why I am giving Saab a two thumbs up! Rock on!

This is with rocking the wavy hair. Sooner it became EPIL FAIL.

A few days ago, I have decided to straighten my hair. I went to the salon and I told them I want a Volume Rebond NOW!!! haha They have the promo, "Any length for only *insert price here*", so I save a little money on the side. As of now, I'm loving my hair. Want to see my new and improved hair? 
Warning: seducing daw! :))

My DP (display picture) on facebook.

Landi pose! :)))))

So what do you think? Wavy or straight hair? hmmmm.. Feel free to give your comments! :)

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