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Electrolux HUSH Happier at Home

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Have you experience waking up in the morning because of a noise outside your room? Then, you get really irritated because your sleep was disturbed by the sound of which you can’t explain. You open your door and started shouting, “What the.. Beep beep was that sound?” haha Then, you saw someone just vacuuming your living room or someone is just preparing your breakfast with smoothies with a blender. You suddenly realize, when will be the day those appliances will become quiet. For so many years, vacuums and blenders are seriously noisy; nobody has a choice but to deal with it.

However, have you heard about Powermix Silent Blender and Ultra Silencer Green from Electrolux? If you haven’t, I can say, “That’s exactly what I wanted!” For the reason that they are the new generation of vacuums and blenders, they are noiseless. Yes, for the first time of my existence in this world. Finally, I can now enjoy my weekend with a quiet time cleaning my house with the use of Ultra Silencer Green and I can also blend some fruits with the use of Powermis Silent Blender. It is such a good news for me and to all those people who hate the noise of Blenders and Vacuums, we can now appreciate these appliances more and without a sound. 

Photos of Powermix Silent Blender:


Photos of Ultra Silencer Green:

A weekend with Powermix Silent Blender and Ultra Silencer Green: 

I can see myself, sleeping smoothly during the weekends, if someone is using the vacuum and cleaning the house. I will wake up in a good mood and relax than before. I will start blending fruits more often while watching television or listening to the music. I can hear the chirping of the birds in the morning and the chirping of the crickets at night. These simple moments will help me to have spent my weekend to be quiet and relaxing. As they say, best thing in life are free. 
Visit their official website, to know more about Electrolux products. You can also like their Facebook Page and follow them in Twitter.

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