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Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner At Terraza Cafe, Club Balai Isabel

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

We arrived at Club Balai Isabel before lunch time. After we checked-in, we hurriedly ate at Terrazan Café it is the only restaurant in Club Bali Isabel. It was beside the swimming pools and it has a nice view of Taal Volcano. As for lunch, here we go! We ordered Batangas Bulalo, Fish Fillet with Sauce (I forgot the name of the sauce), Mix Chicken and Pork Adobo, Rice and for dessert Buko pandan. Too bad, I am so serious eating I forgot to take photos of buko pandan. It was so delicious and creamy. 

The foods were so tasty and yummy. The Batangas Bulalo as for non-Filipinos, it is the boiled boned marrow of the beef with vegetables and soup. It is one of my favorite dishes. Compared to the original bulalo, this one has a distinct taste. The fish fillet has a mango sauce. It is something unique and flavorful. While the adobo is good too but to be honest no one can beat my lola’s adobo. Hihi Finally, for dessert, the buko pandan. It has a vanilla ice cream that added deliciousness in it. Must-try! 


Batangas Bulalo

Batangas Bulalo in a small bowl.

Fillet Fish with Salsa

Mix Chicken and Pork Adobo

Rice. Carbssss!


Dinner time, I was still full. So I ate only few bites of everything. Hahaha We ordered taliwis, bagnet, rice and pansit. The bagnet was so crispy and crunchy. I like it. But I think it is a little bit pricey for a small piece of banget. Hehe 

The Crispy Bagnet.




Good morning! Breakfast is one of my favorite meals. They offer varieties of breakfast meal like Filipino breakfast, American breakfast and many more. I ordered bacon and eggs plus bread, it’s an American breakfast. As usual, another favorite of mine, (baka sabihin nyo fave ko na lahat, nyhahaha.) hunny ordered Filipino breakfast consist of tapa, longanisa, danget and garlic rice. With fruits and plus extra bacons for me. So heavy! 

Filipino Breakfast - Tapa, Longanisa, dried fish and garlic rice.

Toasted bread, 2 eggs and bacons.

Now, I can say traveling and eating is really a good combination. I hope I made you crave for food. Hehe What would be my verdict? 4 out of 5, because it's a little bit pricey and we did  not experience the buffet. hahaha Maybe next time.

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