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Instaweekend: Planning and Eating

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another day of Instaweekend!!! If you have Instagram, care to follow me? @abylovinu
By the way, once you followed me. Can you comment your username? 
So I can follow you back.. :) 

Planning mode @ our company. I am writing down notes.

The free lunch during our department planning. KFC bucket.
My favorite order in KFC is the original chicken with rice and mash potato
with lots and lots of gravyyyyyyy! hihihi Yes, this why I am fat.
How about you? Waz yours?

Date day with Hunnyloloooo. hihi Look at my hair so messy
I think we were at the open area of Jamba Juice on the 2nd floor.
Mahangin sa labas ang peg. hehehe

My old planner last year and my blackberry. Do I love pink? haha
A little. Okey, sometimes.. Hot pink it is.

@Jamba Juice. I love shakes or any cold drinks with Ice, ice, ice beybe!

How is your weekend?

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