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I Want to be Part of Sample Room's Blogger Circle!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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I might be late for publishing this post but no one can stop me from expressing my enthusiasm to be part of Sample Room’s Blogger Circle. Yes! If there’s a will there will always be a way. I am hoping they will still consider my post. Why should they? Because… 

I have been blogging for almost I think more than 5 years but this blog is turning 4 years old this May. (My baby is growing up so fast. hehehe) I might not be the best blogger in town but I will always make sure I am doing my best to blog about my thoughts, experiences or emotions towards certain products, events or situation. I will be brutally honest and truth will prevail but of course in a not-harsh-manner. I am not a certified beauty blogger, but I am kikay as a beauty blogger. I love trying new products and sharing my thoughts thru my blog. Moreover, Sample Room will be the best solution for trying certain products that is out of the market without splurging too much on trying new things. They help us decide whether it is yay or nay for us. I want to help Sample Room to spread the word about the latest products and innovations on hair care, skin care, body care, fragrance, cosmetics, tools, health, slimming and lifestyle. I also want to help the ladies out there on buying the right product/s for them. Let’s choose the right products for our body to maintain our youthfulness and beauty inside and out. 

Plus I really really want to be part of this Blogger’s Circle because I want to be one of the first people to try the new products on their site. They are one of the reliable sites I have known. And of course the perks:
  • Free samples from Sample room from time to time
  • Be the first to know about up and coming launches 
  • Exclusive activities and discussions for members only
  • Special gift from Sample Room (me likey)
  • Featured in the Blogger Circle page with link and description of the blog.
ERMAHGERD. Grab the opportunity, once you have the chance. I think DIZ IZ IT! Please include me to the Sample Room Blogger's Circle! Here is the link for my Sample Room product reviews. (Click Click)

Btw, Thank you to Maan (davao mommy) for informing me that this is extended. hehe 

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