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Instaweekend: Food, Ken and Books

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Miss my instaweekend post? Well, I missed it too. So here it is, another random photos from Instagram with rants. :) By the way, follow me on instagram @abylovinu.

My DIY California Maki. hahahah It's my first time to do it so pardon the look but
don't worry it tastes good. hehehe If I have the time, I will post the steps on how I did it.

I bought books from National Bookstore because it is almost 70% off. hehehe
Because you know, photography books are expensive. So Grab the chance while
you have it.

#NOTD: Super Light purple plus glitters

Sisig Factory. Business. (I am the one who made the logo) hihihi

me with the weird look. hekhek

I finally found Ken after a long long time. Reunited and it feels so good. 
And He really really needs to take a bath.

Coffee. This was not mine. hehehe Just saw this at the conference room while
I am waiting for the meeting to start. 

My sister with our dog. 

Yellow cab date.

Cheese cake plus Tazo Brambleberry @ Starbux

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