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Just Like Starting Over

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

This will be a quick post. My #OOTD for today was taken from our post-Christmas party last January. I was a little lazy to fix my hair so for the shortest and the quickest solution always bring an extra ponytail to bun your messy and unmanageable hair. Ta-da! messy bun. hahaha Moreover, colored pants are back. I had a pair of green pants before and I though why should I wear this again. If only I knew it will be in again, I would not gave it to someone else. hehe Now, I bought this cute slim cut rusty jeans at Forever21. I am loving it. Next time, I would buy the stressed colored jeans. 

Pardon the messy background those bags were owned by my friends. hehehe By the way, I prefer having #OOTD shoot during daytime because of the natural light from the sun. It helps to have a nice photo. Well, except for this photos. It took place during the evening with my friends.

Aldo from Watch | "God is Love" bracelet from Forever 21

My bike necklace from my BFF. hahaha (You know the story behind those necklace?
He gave it to me because he knows I can't ride a bike. Yes. I am a loser when it comes to bikes) =))

Flats from Payless

Messy background. Please ignore. hihihi

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