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Bi Won Korean Restaurant @ BF Homes, Parañaque City

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

I may not be a fan of Korean Cuisine but after eating in this restaurant changed my perception towards Korean dishes. This is true! We have been passing thru BF homes frequently and we kept on ignoring this restaurant until one day it was been featured on Kris TV. Hahaha I know, right? Sound a little cliché but Kris is so effective on advertising my grandma was the one who told us to try it. After the Confirmation of my sister on the church, we went to BF homes to try eating at Bi Won. We have no idea what to order. We just based our orders on our gut feels and recommendation of the server. Well, I am happy with the food we ate. 

Cozy place

Bi Won is an authentic Korean restaurant, I think only few Korean restaurants are known in our country compared to Japanese and Chinese restaurants they are all over the metro. As a first timer on a Korean restaurant, yes I know, it is my first time. I was so happy with the appetizer they gave us. It has 6 different kinds of appetizer such as peanuts, kimchi, steamed kangkong and the others were unknown to my taste buds but I tasted everything, I love it. (or matakaw lang kasi talaga hehehe) We ordered few items on the menu to taste it. Happy kid! 

They have a stove/ griller on the table for the barbecue. We should put it on use so we ordered some barbecues with lettuce and mint leaves.

Sam Gyup Sal – Slices pork belly and fresh vegetables barbecued at the table
Dak Gui – Chucks of chicken breast marinated with special sauce barbecued at the table

Lettuce and mint leaves ( I did not expected that it would taste good together.)

Time to roll the beef. I usually saw this on Korean Drama, rolling some bbq on the veggies. hahaha

Kal Bi Jjim – Braised beef shorts ribs with bone marinated in specially seasoned soy sauce 
(the sauce is so nice and the beef is so tender. heavenly! I am biased with beef. Beef lover here)

Japche – Korean dish made of sweet potato noodles with various vegetables in special seasoned sliced beef  (we keep on buying for more!!! new discovery dish Japche!! it looks like a pancit bihon but a little bit thicker and the taste is sweet and yummy! )

O Jing Uh Dup Bop – fresh slice squid, assortment of vegetables with special sauce with rice on sizzling plate (we asked someone to mixed it up for us. the photo was the after mixing it)

Pa jun – crispy rice flour pancake made with finely chopped squids and scallions in special sauce (the pancakes looks weird for me, I was hesitant to taste it but I tried and it is also good but I am not a fan of pancakes so I did not enjoyed it that much.)

The Verdict

They food was amazing! I recommend these to people who are not scared to have a different variety and taste on their palette. They mostly serve sweet dishes or we just ordered the sweet ones. hahaha The kimchi taste so good! It is not for sale. huhu It is just for free, available for their appetizer. I hope they sell bottles of kimchi and I will be their no.1 customer. hihi The food ranges to 200php-1000php up. Well, it is worth it because they have big servings. Big servings means happy tummy! =)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

For more details:

Location: 62 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque City
Phone no.:  02) 807-3129

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