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Look # 33: Too Cute

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Heyaaa! I am so happy that I have posted something on my blog after two days. Uraurada! As in agad agad, post na! (This is it! Hahaha) I am hoping to be consistent on my schedule of blogging. My goal is 2 or 3 times a week, I can post something on my blog. So just in case I am busy, I am creating some of my post in advance. For today, I prepared an #OOTD post. I wore my outfit on the event of “The Great British Festival”. The event was held on the open grounds so I decided to wear something casual and comfy. It ended around 7pm, there was no daylight until I saw the spotlight. Yey! Perfect spot!

My CUTE shirt from Zara.

The shirt was too low for a V-neck and I don't want my boobs saying "Hi" to everyone so I wore a tube (the orange one) from Terranova. I bought in during a sale for around 60php to 95php, I can't remember the exact amount. It was so cheap, right?

Watch from Charles Jordan

Thanks for the spotlight!

Sling bag from Mango

Extra photos. Crossing to the street pose.

My sister doing her thing in the middle of the street. haha

My last post of #OOTD was look # 18 (Let it go). I was wrong, it should me look # 32. I got confused. haha Sorry for  a little bit confusion I made, just in case you have noticed it. hehe Tee-hee!

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