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Review: Bag from Tmart.com

Monday, April 21, 2014

Map Pattern Leather Bag from Tmart.com

Heyaaaa! Happy Monday everyone! Even though I am not a fan of Mondays because I always have Monday blues. (You know, too lazy to get up and work kind of thing. Hehe) Today, let us start the week right! Blogging time! 

Last week was a busy week. Yes, I was busy. Busy with eating, sleeping, watching dvd, conducting photoshoot with my sister for an OOTD post, playing apps on my ipad and a lot more. I love holidays! I hope we have Holy Week every month. Hihi Anyways, let’s talk about the title of this post. My new bag from Tmart.com is the new item to review. I received it a few days I go. Well actually, I picked it up on the post office. I immediately used it to make a review to feel its vibe and its durability. 

I'm a fatso. looks like I don't have anything under my short polo. =)) but I have denim shorts. :)

So how was it? It looks small but I can put a lot of stuffs in it like my cellphones, ipad, makeup kit, comb and charges. I also like the two pockets on the sides. The pattern of the bag is so unique. I can use it everywhere or anywhere. It won’t be hard to pair it with other clothes. However, I think too heavy items on the bag will not make the bag last for a long time, if it is used every day. 

It is me. modeling the bag somewhere in Alabang. Have you noticed my hair? I had a hair cut, few weeks ago and I love it! I decided to cut it because of the weather in our country. Effin, hot! ( I will blog about my hair on a separate post!)

By the way, I thought they will be sending a makeup bag but on the very last minute it changed.

The verdict: 3.5 stars out of 5 stars

For more details visit, www.tmart.com to view their other products. 

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