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Photo Diary: Blue Coral Beach Resort - Laiya, Batangas

Sunday, October 05, 2014

More photos from my last post (Blue Coral Beach Resort)

Banana boat! So much fun and exciting!

 The closest place from Manila to experience the white sand.

View thru my spectacles.

Me. Hahaha meditating?

Someone's having a selfie time. Caught on act. Hihi

The time we went island hopping. Look how clear the water is! How I wish all of the beaches here in the Philippines is clear as this one. It would be a happier world.

Not so ready me. 

Let's build a sandman? Hihi

For the finale, another photo of me inside the resort.

I hope with my few photos I was able to entertain you. I want to share more photos with you unfortunately it was me, myself and I ang peg ko. That's why I decided not to post it anymore. Hahahah just picked some random artsy photos. I was on a hipster mode when editing those photo. So ayan, feeling hipster. That vacation photos though. Yah. Till next time. I am excited to post a lot of travel adventure soon!!! =) 2015 goal to travel more!!!

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