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Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015!

Monday, January 05, 2015

How will I summarized my 2014? First of all, 2014 was a year full of hope and new challenges for me. It started to be nice then, I felt I need to change something in my life. I decided to find a new job, thankfully my friend texted and told me they were hiring. I went to initial interview, exam and final interview. It was sudden change really because it was a different line of job for me. However, I think I cope up easily with the changes happening in my life. God really provides. My first 6 months was fun and exciting with my new work. Now I am a regular employee, I met a lot of good souls. We are like a family. 

I learned that if you really want to change, you need to start stepping out on your comfort zone. Always ask for God's guidance and grace, He will surely help you on your way.

The only thing I was not able to update regularly was my blog. Huhu But I never forgotten it. From now on, I will update my blog even on my phone. Because one of my goals before was to own an iphone. Well well well, I have it now. Hahahaha The sacrifices I have been thru for this phone. (Will chika that soon)  I saved my money of course, then when I have the money, I think twice if I will spend it for it. Haha Minsan kasi bigla ka manghihinayang sa money pag meron na and I am self confessed kuripot and super practical. Then I realized, it was almost 4 years since I changed my phone so why not have it, besides my phone was on the edge of dying. Seriously.. One time, I ended up using my mom's extra phone for months.

Mirror shot with my best friend my new phone. :)

What else? Well, not enough out of town vacation for 2014 because I still don't have some enough leaves from my work. But I am sure this 2015, it will be a year of travelling for me. I am claiming it. I am positive about it! 

Last December, I received some bad news one of them was my batchmate from highschool died suddenly. Please pray for her soul. Then, last December 30, our car was hit by a motorcycle. We were on our way to buy some pizza. Suddenly, something bump to our car. The glasses on our window was shuttered into pieces. I went out then saw a man on the ground with his motorcycle. Long story short, we went home with traumatized feeling. Moreover, we were all thankful that we were all alive and kicking. God is good! Life is short so seized the moment! 

the damage!

Even though, unfortunate things happened on the last month of 2014, it won't stop us from welcoming 2015 with a blast! It will always be with my family. Holidays are for family to reunite and bond together. Make unforgettable memories.

I want to share more of my 2014, I think this is enough for now. Happy 2015 to all!

P.S. Always be thankful and pray to God.

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