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Lip Sync Battle on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lately (well most of the time), I was wasting my precious time on watching videos on facebook or youtube. Once in a while, those videos that made me laugh, cry or scared, I will share them with you. =)

When I was talking with my beau on the phone, he told me to watch the lip sync battle from The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Then, I got hooked and kept watching the other videos. Gah! It made me cry literally, it was just soooooo funny! They were prepared and really good at copying the artist of their song choice.haha

Here are the videos, enjoy watching!!!

This is one of the first lip sync battle. Paul Rudd was good that's why the following guests made sure they were prepared as Paul Rudd.

Emma Stone lip synced one complicated song. She nailed it.

The trio that made me laugh all the way. hahaha Who would thought Joseph Gordon Levitt (one of my Hollywood crush hihi) can be so funny and so silly and sooo game to lip sync Super Bass by Nicki Minaj while Stephen Merchant grove to the song of Single Ladies by Beyonce Z according to him. hahaha As usual, Jimmy Fallon is on his funny self. You better watch it!

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