One of the best signs of Titahood is when you choose to blog about cookware instead of OOTD. Haha Well, this is the moment I rather share my list of different cookware I saw on Lazada site. It is really crazy that Lazada Phlippines almost have everything we need. There are times I shop online than going to the mall, even if is few blocks away from my house or if I don't have the time to walk around the mall. Online stores are really convenient. Do you agree? Anyways, here it is the cool stuffs for those entering on titahood and titohood phase of  their life and for people who really like to cook, the list is ready. Here it is:

  • Ceramic Pan Set of 9 with FREE Slap Chop Food Chopper with Graty (Red) 

A set of cookware and free slap chop food chopper with graty. Who would ask for more? You got everything you need! 

According to description from the site: Anti-stick ceramic prevents food from sticking, Environment friendly materials, High-quality aluminum body, Ergonomic handle, The heat-conducting base spreads the heat equally across the pan, Easy to clean / suitable for dishwashers (Click the photo for details)

  • Ikea Lolly Maker Set of 12

Because it is summer and super hot outside, everyone is bitchin the about the heat. Well, if you have popsicle maker, you can make unlimited ice cream with different flavor! Gosh! I love ice cream. You rather eat than complaining , right?

According to the site: Make healthy and affordable desserts with this lolly maker.Super convenient to do and use. A fun bonding activity to prepare with the kids. Fill with fruit juice and make your own fruit ice. Great for play dates and parties or for the whole family. For the mold to easily loosen rinse with lukewarm water. (Click the photo for details)

  • Ikea Non-Stick Grill Pan Black

Pan grill! If someone's too lazy to use some charcoal and wants to have amazing barbecues at home, dan dan daaaan! You can use this. Easy! Without hassle.

According to the site: Teflon Classic non stick coating. The spouts make it easy to pour out drippings. Thick base prevents food getting easily burnt and stuck to the pan. The pan's low weight makes it easy to handle when filled with food. The handle can be folded down to save space when storing. Made from aluminium; heats up quickly and produces appetizing grill stripes on the food. With Teflon Classic non stick coating that makes cooking and cleaning easy. (Click the photo for details)

  • Standard SPC 4QC 4 Quarts Pressure Cooker (Silver)

Everyone who's a beeflover just like me, we need a pressure cooker for a tender meat that could slide into your mouth without chewing it too hard. Perfect for nilaga, sinigang or bulalo.

According to the site: Material: Strong, heavy-gauge aluminum, Liquid Capacity: 4 quarts (3.8 liters), Cooks quicker than normal pots, Ideal for tenderizing meat, Pressurized handle, Central Pressure valve with self- locking mechanism, Suitable for intensive kitchen use (Click the photo for details)

  • Steamer Series 28cm Multi-Cooker

Multiple cooker. Want to lessen the oily food intake? I think you need to buy this for steaming some vegetables, siomai, chicken breast, sabu-sabu and anything you could think of, you can try using it. A multi-talented cookware it is! Hahaha

According to the site: Cooker Steamer Material: Stainless Steel, Size(cm): 34 x 23 x 30, Heats quickly and evenly, Comfortable and secure grip (Click the photo for details)

Do want to add something to my list? What's on your list? Comment below share your ideas. I can't wait to read it :)

By the way, check out Lazada's Scholarship program! HERE

Summer is already here and some guys are still quibbling over what hill station to choose and where to spend some time of the summer to cool their heads off. Well, as some people are heading towards the Atlantic or some other European country, there are others who are interested in discovering the local beauty and landscapes. In case you haven’t decided yet, here are some destinations that can make your summer vacation totally worth it. These resorts and destinations owing to their accessibility and beauty are quite famous among the Filipinos.

Baguio City

While under imperial hegemony the Baguio city was originally built by the Americans in 1900 as a small hill station at a village known as Kafagway. After a century, the city, owing to its excessive beauty and landscapes have come to be as major administrative hub of the country. 250 kilometers away from the metropolitan Manila, Baguio is frequented by locals and foreigners alike. This excessive tourism has given rise to virtual marketplace as well since people on reaching the hill station realize that they have forgotten or need something. At this point, the online domains like Amazon come very handy. Some people even rely on the growing local online markets such as Kaymu to buy their stuff from. 

 Sagada Town

Well, if Baguio is not enough, you can keep travelling further up north to get a taste of cold. 5300 feet above sea level, this town is a wonderful place with a lot of resorts around. Number of waterfalls, caves and historical sites sprinkle the area with beauty. Pack your bags and go do some trekking over this area.

Don Salvador Benedicto 

Down the south of Manila, at least 600 kilometers away lies a shimmering small town of Don Salvador Benedicto, normally known as ‘the summer capital of the Negros Occidental’. A cold town with quite a large number of historical sites, it is normally known the little Baguio city barring the tourists.

Bordered by the provincial capital Bacolod, which is yet another place to visit, Don Salvador is a must place to go this summer. The Ruins, a place shown above in picture is one of the most frequented tourist resort in the city.


Those who love hiking should add Banaue to their to-go list. The villages that are surrounded by mountains give a perfect view and temperature to do some hiking during summers. The city is located a little down towards south to Sagada. The place is also famous for its waterfalls and not much visited. If you’re a man of solitude then this is quite a place to be.

After finalizing the place you want to visit, it is important to ensure that you have all the required gear with you. Having trekking shoes, backpacks and trekking suits are more than important. Plus, the camera to take pictures with is unforgettable. All of these thing together will make your trip unforgettable.
(Edited the photo of Alyssa Smith)

It is great to travel the world, but you do not want to go broke while doing it. Fortunately, there are many ways to see some of the stunning places this world has to offer while you are on a budget. However, traveling in a frugal manner will require some planning ahead of time on your part. You will need to spend some time on the Internet trying to find the best deals on Singapore hotels. While this may seem tedious, the money you will save will make it worthwhile. Here are some of the ways you can use to spend less while you are traveling. 

Find hotels that offer free breakfast

If you want to travel on a tight budget, you should take advantage of any opportunity to get something for free. There are many hotels which offer a complimentary breakfast. You should take advantage of these whenever possible. Any time you can avoid paying for food while on vacation, it is a great bonus for your wallet. It will usually tell you on the hotel website if a free breakfast is included with your stay. If it does not mention it on the website, call the hotel directly just to make sure that they do not offer a free breakfast. 

Use public transportation

It is no secret that the subway and buses are a lot cheaper than using a taxi. There are times when a taxi can come in very handy. If you are going to a formal event and you are dressed in your best clothes, you may not feel like riding on a bus or the subway. Also, there may be times during your vacation where you are pressed for time. You need to get to your destination in the shortest amount of time possible. In these cases, using a taxi is fine. However, you will not be in this position the vast majority of the time. Therefore, you should limit yourself to buses and the subway. These methods of transportation, while not glamorous, will get you from point A to point B. 

Avoid tipping unnecessarily

In the United States, tipping is expected almost everywhere. However, in many parts of the world, this is not the case. You need to be aware of the local customs regarding tipping so you are not giving your money away unnecessarily. While you may think that you need to leave a tip, this might not always be the case.

The moment I started to wear a rubber shoes. Well, this was the moment. haha It is not really my thing. I mostly wear rubber shoes during PE classes. I like ballet flats more than a rubber shoes. But this time, it is an exception. I am starting to wear it more often. Lovin' it!

Breezy and easy

Running errands or if you are on the go, this outfit is for you. Comfy and relax kind of day.

Sunglasses from Forever 21 | Blue loose shirt from bazaar | Legging from coleslaw | Sling bag from Forever 21 |  rubber shoes from Nike.

I bought this when Nike roshe was not yet available on stores. I am channeling Liz Uy outfit. Hahaha When I saw her outfit on IG, I rushed to the mall and find something that might get the look. I think I achieve it. I just replaced the Roshe to Kaishi. hihi A little less cheaper, I guess. 

Sorry for the band aid. Too much heels during the weekdays. #SorryNotSorry

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What do you usually wear during errands?

Craving for chicken? Why not try Piri Piri chicken from Gostoso in Kapitolyo, Pasig City? It is a small restaurant along the long stretch of Kapitolyo Avenue. Small but stylish! The chicken is amazing. 

Front of Gostoso - few cars can park, I think 3 cars

The menu is on the screen. People can see how they prepare the chicken.

The area

The utensils and the chilly oil or Piri piri sauce. Charap!

Piri piri Chicken Meal (Combo) - all meals comes with olive oil, choice of side and ice tea

Our order. People can choose from different side such as creamed spinach, potato gratin, mac n' cheese, creamed corn and chick pea salad.

Creamed Spinach

Potato Gratin 

Pork here - cute signage

Overall, I enjoy my delightful meal. It is very flavorful. I think the chicken for my taste was a little salty but the taste balances because of the side dish. Piri piri chicken is starting to be popular in our country lately. I think Filipinos are starting to like and love it. Have you tried this dish yet? What are your thoughts?

Btw, my verdict: 3.9 out of 5 stars

For more information:
Address: 51-B East Capitol Drive, Pasig City

**Photos was taken with my ipad