One of the world’s biggest culinary affair to be held at SM

The Philippines and Spain share a deep and colorful history and what better way to celebrate these two cultures than through their vibrant and intertwined culinary traditions. This April, the world’s most anticipated epicurean event will celebrate the two countries ’300 years’ worth of shared connection through food in one global event where the world’s top chefs showcase culinary innovations and cutting-edge techniques, ingredients and recipes taking food and dining to the next level. If one wants to see the “future of food,” this is the place to be in.

SMX as official venue partner of Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 (L-R):
Philippine Association of Convention/Exhibition Organizers and Suppliers, Inc. (PACEOS) Chairperson Marisa Nallana; Mielle Esteban of Arum Estratigias Internacionalización; DOT director of market development and Madrid Fusion Manila project director Verna Covar-Buensuceso; SMX general manager Dexter Deyto and SM Supermalls SVP marketing Jonjon San Agustin.

SM as the official partner of Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 
SM plays host to this historic affair and welcomes Madrid Fusion as it comes to Asia for the first time and puts Manila at the heart of culinary interest worldwide. Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 happening on April 24 to 26 at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City highlights the Philippines as an haute cuisine destination in Asia. And a Welcome Night at the scenic SM By the Bay for the official delegates are sure to put everyone in a good mood during the first day of the congress on April 24 where this time, it’s all about the best of Philippine food, art, and culture.

“SM is proud to be the venue of the historic Madrid Fusion Manila. We believe that one of the Philippines’ best-kept secrets is our rich culinary heritage,” expressed Steven Tan, SM Supermalls senior vice-president. “We also want to bring the excitement of Madrid Fusion, particularly Spain’s strong influence in our food and culture, to our mall-goers by taking these culinary festivities to our malls.” To help create national awareness for this cultural milestone, the official Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 TV commercial is being aired in all SM Cinemas nationwide.

Madrid Fusion Manila 2015 partners with SM Supermalls (L-R): SMX general manager Dexter Deyto; SM Mall of Asia AVP operations Perkin So; SM Mart Inc. SVP marketing communications group Millie Dizon; SM Supermalls president Annie Garcia; Chef Margarita Fores; DOT director of market development and Madrid Fusion Manila project director Verna Covar-Buensuceso; Mielle Esteban of Arum Estratigias Internacionalización and SM Supermalls SVP marketing Jonjon San Agustin.

Michelin-starred chefs to gather at SMX 
Set to captivate Manila with their culinary virtuoso are Spain and Asia’s legendary chefs Andoni Luis Aduriz, Elena Arzak, Quique Dacosta, Ramón Freixa, Francis Paniego, Paco Roncero, Mario Sandoval, Paco Torreblanca, André Chiang, and Alvin Leung. Presenting the Philippines’ own diverse and imaginative epicurean traditions are chefs Fernando Aracama, Margarita Forés, J Gamboa, José Luis “Chele" Gonzalez, Pepe Lopez, Rob Pengson, Bruce Ricketts, Myrna Dizon, Claude Tayag, and Juan Carlos de Terry. Taking centerstage at the congress will be this exciting encounter between Spain’s legendary Michelin-starred chefs and the Philippines’ very own culinary stars. A trade exhibition will focus on the finest Spanish and Filipino products from Spanish wines and cheeses, to the Philippines’ world-class exports such as rice, cacao, coffee, mango, coconut, and liquors.

Gourmet weekend market 
A feast of everything delectably Filipino-Spanish shall delight foodies at the Gourmet Weekend Market from April 24 to 26 at SM Mall of Asia. A premium selection of cheese, tapas, wine, ingredients, local finds and special bundles shall be made available in partnership with SM Markets (SM Supermarket and Hypermarket).

Spanish food specials 
New food concepts that reflect culinary innovation and technique will be available only this April at select SM Mall of Asia restaurants where special dishes with Spanish influence or cooked with the finest local produce, ingredients and flavors are sure to bring out your inner foodie. Savory goodness awaits mall-goers of SM Aura Premier which shall host its own Spanish-themed fiesta with music, dancing, food and drinks on April 26 at the Sky Park lawn. While on April 24 to 26, irresistible dining deals await all food lovers at SM Megamall’s flagship and first-in-the-country dining destinations and the newly-opened Mega Food Hall.

For the complete schedule of events at SM malls, visit SM Supermalls on Facebook or @smsupermalls on Instagram. For more information on how to register for Madrid Fusion Manila 2015, visit

***Disclaimer: Press Release from SM Madrid Fusion Manila. Article not mine***

It's been so long since I posted my last #OOTD. Let me make it up for my blog. Due to public demand, lel. Kidding. Wala talaga nagdemand, I insisted it to myself to post this. Hahaha Excuse my chubbiness again, the 10lbs. I lost before which I gained it again due to too much eating and a little stress and also change of environment. Yes! it is back! Fats are back! =)) Anyway, enough of my excuses. Because it is already hot in our country, I suddenly missed the cold weather in UK. 

Good thing I search the internet on what to wear and the temperature of the place during winter. I really prepared for it because I am easily get cold at times and scared that I might got high fever, if I can't handle the cold weather. Haha My auntie's advice was to buy a thermal clothes and layering of clothes is the key. Because we will be spending our time mostly outside the streets of London, I have 4 layers of clothes. Haha  I don't regret it.

Black coat from Zara | Bag from Aldo

Turtle neck and kitty sweater from Terranova | Checkered leggings from Forever21 | Ankle boots from River Island | Leather gloves from Uniqlo

Where's my missing earring pose. Hahaha My first layer will be the thermal longsleeve and thermal leggings. Then, gray turtle neck and sweater. Lastly, leggings and coat plus leather gloves. 

Vandalism on the walls of Abbey House hahaha making the mark like a boss! Lol

Posing beside my house. Haha 

Guest what? For the whole 2 weeks, I am just wearing the same coat. Who cares?! Hehehe I don't want to splurge on it because the odds on wearing here on a tropical country will be none. Haha Sulit yun bili ko! It feels like I just roam around UK with one outfit because of my coat. I can't remove my coat and pose. The coldness was too much. Hindi kaya magtiis ganda. I'll die. HAHA

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed my #OOTD! Till next time! 

I am back with the part 2 of our tour on Warner Bros. Studio. If you haven't seen the PART 1, click here!!! One post is not enough! I have a lot to share. Hoorrrey! More Harry Potter photos. 

The Marble Staircase that moves and change in the certain time. You might get lost if it suddenly change on your way to your dormitory. Mostly likely shown on the 1st and 2nd movie.

Nimbus 2000. Oh quidditch! How I wish it was true. I want to ride a flying broomstick and play as a seeker. 

Mad-eye Moody's Trunk. It was the place where the real moody was kept.  

The Secret Door. 

The Burrow. The house of Weasleys. It was so cozy.

There was a tutorial for using wands and spells.

The Dark Eaters.

Some parts of the Ministry of Magic. Mostly shown on the 5th movie.

The Butterbeer. I thought it was a real beer. I was really questioning the people serving butterbeer because they were serving it to the kids. But I am certainly wrong.hahaha It was like a sweet soda drink with soft ice cream on it. Yummy! £4 with the souvenir cup.

After the cafe (which I forgot to take of photos on it), outside you can find the Privet Drive, night bus, Hogwart's bridge and other cool stuff.

Privet Drive. The place where harry stays on the muggle world.

The Hogwarts Bridge. Up close.

The life size chess pieces were shown the first movie.

The Dementor. Remember the spell for the dementors? It's expecto patronum!!!! Haha That's my favorite spell! (wala lang. share ko lang. pabibo lang hahaha) I have another one! Obliviate! The spell Hermione used to erase the memories of her parents.

Creature Shop. Amazing how they make the prosthetic makeup.

Animating and graphics.

The Marauder's Map. 

Paper model for Hogwarts.

Hogwarts. It is not a real castle though. :( But the details were brilliant. 

Inside Ollivander's Wand Shop

The last part of the tour. The merchandise. I went really cray cray and I don't know which to item to pick.

Well, my goal was to buy a Griffindor scarf. Then, other things was randomly picked like the harry potter glasses, fudge flies and a Warner Bros. Studio cap for my bae. Hahaha The photo above was the last day to wore my Griffindor scarf. Push ko talaga na masuot eh. Sinulit ko, one week ko suot yan. Hahahaha hangang paguwi ko ng pinas mahilo hilo na ako sa init, sige lang. Ginusto ko yan eh hahaha I know the fact that here in our country the possibility to wear the scarf is really really low. Winter is not known here the tropical country of the Philippines. That's the main reason of wearing it non-stop in UK. hihi I am such a geek, right? Wearing the scarf on the streets of London or elsewhere. haha 

That's for now! I will find more things to post about my trip. Thank you for hanging around with me. *wink *wink

The Making of Harry Potter on Warner Bros. Studio is located at Leavesden. It was a dream come true. From Waterloo Train station, we change to underground line - London Euston then another train station overground to Watford Junction. Outside the station, there will be a shuttle bus to Warner Bros. Studios for only £2 roundtrip. There will be shuttle every 30 minutes until 6:30pm. It was almost 2 hours travel time from Waterloo Station to Watford Junction because of the waiting and being lost at the moment kind of time. haha

Ta-da! We are here!!! The joy I have when we arrived was unexplainable. Hahaha Imagine a Potterhead on Warner Bros. Studio. I went gaga! Haha I was like "Can you take a photo using my phone? In my instax? In my SLR?" Hahaha too much camera! This place was on of my priority list. If you want to visit the place, it is best to check out there site and buy the tickets in advance. Most of the time they have sold out tickets for a certain day. Many fans were visiting the place. Incredible! Let me give you a sneak peek on our studio tour. Ready? Here we go!!!

Before the tour starts, this will be the first item you will see. Harry Potter's room in muggle world. 

Once the line was full, everybody will enter a room with 8 small screens. People behind Harry Potter were talking about how they started the movie. 

Then, another room will be like a movie house. Once the cast of Harry Potter started to enter a large gate and welcomed everybody. The screen will go up and this gate will arise!!!!! Unexpected! Everyone was with ooohs and aaahss. It gave me the chills.

The golden gate will be the entrance to all the props and secrets of the movie. This is the Great Hall of Hogwarts.

Professor Minerva McGonagall, Professor Albus Dumbledore, Professor Severus Snape costumes

Producers and Directors corner

The truth on the floating candles on the Great Hall. 

The Great Chocolate Feast. Not real chocolates. :(

The Yule Ball - it was like the Hogwarts version of prom.

Hair and Make up - I can believed that Malfoy's hair was just a wig. haha 

Selfie time. That's me!

The memorable items. Find the golden snitch.

The Golden Egg from Goblet of Fire (4th book).

Dumbledor's Office. Very detailed.

Remember the frames that moves. Well this is it. The secret for the painting were just plain backgrounds.

More photos on my next post...

Last February 21- March 7, 2015, I got the chance to visit England and stayed there for free for the whole two weeks. Wooot! Yes, courtesy of our company. I'm so lucky to be part of the team to experience UK. It felt surreal even it is over, I still can't explain the feeling. I am overwhelmed. The weeks spent there were not all fun and games but mostly for work. I learned a lot from our trainers and  for sure we will incorporate those learning to the following months. I am expecting heavy workload too but it is alright. It is easy to work when you know you enjoy what you are doing, right? Anyways, I am happy to share with you my photos and my experiences in London, England. Of course during our free time, we incorporated some adventure time and visited some of the tourist destination in London. Let us start!

Who will miss the chance to take a selfie in front of Big Ben? I think that bridge was one of the busiest bridges because of the tourists/ people taking selfies in front of it. Every chance they have they will grabbed it for sure. Just like what we did. Hahaha

The London Eye. It is a 360 degrees ride to see the overview of the magnificent city of London. Too bad I did not have the chance to experience it. The queue of the line was always long. I think it will waste our time on queuing for the line. I rather start exploring other places instead. Hihi Maybe next time, if we still given a chance (crossing my fingers). 

Natural History Museum. It has the unique architectural design on this building. It is very detailed and amazing. Entering to this place makes me wonder how incredible the mind of the people who built it. On this museum, it is all about the nature's evolution. It focuses on Charles Darwin's Theory and other natural treasures such crystals, minerals and fossils of instinct species. Free admission.

National Gallery Museum. It is on Trafalgar square. Many performers showcase there talent in front of the National Gallery or in Trafalgar square. They entertain a lot the tourists. Inside this building are the paintings of the well known artist. Free admission.

London Beatles Store. If you are looking for authentic The Beatles merchandise, try visiting this store for amazing finds.

After visiting The Beatles store, we decided to go to Abbey Road. My road. Lol hahaha I am a little popular here. Haha houses, roads and even churches were named after me. Haha kidding. This is the Abbey House.

Abbey Road. The famous Abbey Road became very popular because of The Beatles, this was the road they decided to pose and made it the cover of their album. They did not realize it will be popular all over the world. Amazing! It was a tiny pedestrian near the Abbey House. It was hard to have a good shot on this road because it is a busy one and many tourist kept on posing and crossing like The Beatles too. Just like we did. Haha what a cliche move! Haha

Platform 9 3/4 @ King's Cross. Who would thought it would be a hit too. We queue on the line just to take photo on this wall. Haha Let me have a short detail about Platform 9 3/4, to those who are not a fan of harry potter movies. This was the scene where Harry Potter was looking for Hogwarts Express on the very first franchise movie. Because Platform 9 3/4 was hidden to muggles, it was a magical entrance to Hogwarts Express, Harry Potter needs to enter between the wall of Platform 9 with all of his things. Then, he disappeared and went to the world of wizards that's the time he saw Hogwarts Express.

The Harry Potter Shop at Platform 9 3/4. They were selling items from Harry Potter like wands, sweaters, accessories and a lot more. You can also get the official photo of Platform 9 3/4 here. It was whooping £9! Hahaha Anyways, I still purchased it. Haha

Buckingham Palace. The palace where the king and queen and other royal blood of England lives. The residence of Queen Elizabeth. My auntie.. Hahaha char

The Westminster of Abbey. It was famous place because my name is on it. Haha I kid again. On a serious note, according to the tour guide it was the place, where the legendary people was buried such as Charles Dickens, Isaac Newton and a lot more. It was also the place where they held the ceremonies for the kings and queens of England.

London Transport Museum. It is near Covent Market. 

Ta-da! Covent Market. It has a lot of variety of boutiques and merchants that are selling unique and one of a kind items.

British Museum. Everything about the history of British and the other parts of the world were here. We also got the chance to see the mummy of Cleopatra. Free admission.

The London Dungeon. It is like horror but funny house/ tour from the dungeon about the old days in London. It narrated the scary days of London, where people got tortured, sick because of the plague and killed because of the serial killers in the loose like Sweeney Todd and Jack the Ripper. Try it. We got a discount for the entrance ticket £ 25.95 for two. Yey!

Tate Modern. It is the place where the modern art where stored. Some of the rooms where free to visit while some of the other rooms has an entrance fee. 

Millennium Bridge. It is near the Tate Modern. Crossing the bridge has a great view on it. On the end the bridge, everyone could see the side of St. Paul Cathedral. It is the center of attention because around the cathedral was the modern buildings on it.

St. Paul Cathedral. It has an entrance fee £16 to enter the cathedral. I just took the photo in front of it. 

The Making of Harry Potter, Warner Bros. Studio Tour. I am soooo lucky I got a chance to visit this place. I am a potterhead so I was obviously excited to visit the place. I will post a separate blog for this tour. Hahaha Inside the magical place was everything you need to know about Harry Potter. I will spill the beans soon on the next post. Hihi


Till the next post! Ta-ta!!!