Today, please welcome me to the world of Titahood. Yes, let us make this day, an official day that I am really accepting that I am in the stage of Titahood. Instead of posting #OOTDs, damn girl! I am posting a review about an appliance. A juicer to be exact from Moulinex

One day, I woke up and realized I need to change my lifestyle and corporate more of veggies and fruits in my diet. I want to lose weight in an healthy way. So I decided to buy a juicer and make it a lifestyle. Another reason for buying a juicer is instead of buying detox juices for around 2,000Php and can be consumed for only a day or two. Why not buy and create my own juices? Right? I will saving few bucks than buying detox juices every now and then. It would be costly.

Here is the huge box.

When you open this, ta-da! The juicer it self.

The white on the left side that would be the part where the extracted fruits or veggies will go, the unusable and can be already thrown away.. Then, the silver round blade, this is where the magic happens. It is the one juicing the fruits while spinning.

It is really simple and easy to use.

The ingredients I used are cucumber, apples, lemon, celery and ginger. 

The juicing starts! 

The finish product!


This is easy to use. Heavy duty compare to other juicer I saw at the mall. Some juicer cannot juice a carrot but this one can. I received some freebies such as ecobag, jersey and a booklet for recipes when I purchased this juicer. However, when it is turned on it is really noisy and scary in a bit when you drop the ingredients. 

My mom also told me that Moulinex brand is really durable and it could last for years. It is alright to invest for an appliances that could last for years. It means every penny counts. Some people say, slow juicer is better but it is expensive. I only have a small budget so this is only juicer I could I afford for now. I have no regrets. I am a customer that can be easily be pleased. I will give this a thumbs up. This cost around 4000Php ++. I bought it in SM appliance store. 

3.9 stars out of 5 stars  

Any thoughts or comments? Share it below.

Numerous affordable electrical appliances in the Philippines are readily available which are greatly convenient for cooking and baking purposes. Preparing food can be done at ease with the help of several appliances. Nowadays, you can actually learn to cook from watching TV shows. Even a few experts stated that watching a good string of TV shows could actually benefit you. With that being said, be inspired to cook or bake by watching these new cooking shows available online or on your local television network!

The Kitchen

This is the show for you if you’re interested to look for food tips and recipes you can do from renowned hosts. The Kitchen from the Food Network channel features several famous hosts who provide delicious meals from different cuisines anyone can do with a great step by step procedure that you can eat on your own or share with your loved ones.

Hell’s Kitchen

A reality show that’s different from usual cooking shows because of Chef Gordon Ramsay’s strong opinionated remarks for the contestants. Watch as each contestant does their best to win the show and claim the championship for each season. Be inspired on the food they prepare on each episode.

Photo courtesy:


The show currently has a worldwide reputation due to adaptations in the North America, South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe. Chef Gordon Ramsay made a great contribution to the series as well as other judges in showing tips or insights for their contestants. Watching Masterchef certainly is a delight to see amateur cooks do their best to rise above challenges in claiming the title.

2 Dudes and a Kitchen

Watch as Aaron Chen and Yang Lee Keong share their passion for food in their series from the experience they had in cooking and travelling in Asia.

Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown

Anthony Bourdain is a popular personality who shares his lifestyle of food adventures from all over the world. Be motivated to eat unique food from Bourdain’s reviews of his food journey in this series.

Cake Boss

Cake Boss is a television series show that specializes on making cakes so expect a lot of craziness, drama and “action.” Watching this show ensures that you will be challenged to create cakes and make sure that you will bake in a style that’s out of the box or beyond or your imagination.

Food Fighters

This show is a competition and a game show, where amateur cooks show the judges their amazing skills and recipes against professional chefs in hopes of gaining the title as the winner.

Jimmy’s Australian Food Adventure

Jimmy Doherty is a farmer from the UK and a food lover, so stay tuned to watch his journey in Australia in search for unique cuisines in the country.

Chef’s Table

This show is specifically shown in Netflix, featuring a popular chef each season from different parts of the world sharing a scrumptious and delightful meal for the viewers.

Simply Nigella

Watch as Nigella Lawson shares useful kitchen hacks and tips to provide her audience with satisfying dairy, gluten free recipes and how to spice up your meals. As she said, “it's all about the ease and comfort of food. It's also about the process of cooking itself showing how it can provide pleasure and calm in an ever more stressful world."

You can get many affordable electrical appliances for your homes which are definitely convenient to use for the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and cleaning purposes in anyone’s home. Get yourself the right tools and watch along with these shows to inspire that inner chef in you! Happy watching and happy cooking everybody!

About the Blogger:

I'm Larisse, a full-time foodie, writer, blogger and professional cake-maker. I make customized cakes for a living and blog about different topics to relax. I'm a big fan of cheese, reading, writing and I appreciate an odd sense of humor in any form.

One day, I saw a video about this case for smartphones and Iphones. I am not sure that it really exist because this is very innovative. Then, I decided to ask my intellectual friend named Google. Hahaha He confirmed that this amazing case exist. I kept on viewing their online shop until I gave in to the temptation. I bought the Ztylus Revolver kit, the LED Ring Light Attachment and the Z-clip vent mount

The day I received the ultimate dream for a cellphone case, who likes photography like me. Yes! It is all in the treasure box. *wink *wink

What's inside the box? The Ztylus Revolver Kit, it is a 4 in 1 lens kit that can be attached on the case of the cellphone.

Look how classy the box is.. Heart heart heart all over. 

When you opened the box, my sky blue Ztylus case is shouting for joy and coolness  in front of my eyes. It is very eye catching, indeed. 

There are a lot of freebies inside such as stickers, a tiny bag for the lens, small cloth to clean the lens or the case and a manual.

Here are the sample photos using the ztylus lens:

Wide lens

Macro lens

Fish eye lens

This is the ztylus clip. It can be used in the car while navigating in the road calling someone or watching videos during the traffic.

The verdict:

According to the their website, it will take up to 14 days or more to receive the item. Well, in the bright side, it took them less than 7 days shipping my order. I was really amazed how fast the delivery and how convenient because hello!! free shipping worldwide. However, other taxes and fees may apply when the item will be delivered. I paid additional fee around 1400.00 Php. It will depend on how much your item cost. The only complain I will have is that it will be on how they declared the cost of the item. They declared the amount without the discount. This is why I paid a higher amount of taxes and fees. Huhuhu

For the ztylus revolver kit, hands down to the inventor of this gadget. It is really easy to use and it is great for people who likes photography and wants to enhance their photo using their iPhones and smartphones. The packaging is so nice.I have nothing to say but only good words.

4.5 stars out of 5 stars

For more information visit Ztylus website. Just click the link ;)

Just got my first haul from Sephora Philippines with 5% cashback through Shopback. I got really excited when I learned that Sephora site is now available in our country. I might be late but hey this can be a bright future for both of us. Beauty products are love! Haha When I reached my midtwentish age, I started to be more concerned and aware with my skin and my glow. We need to start taking care of our skin to look young and fresh as always. That's the reason for the beginning of being a beauty junky.

My first haul was the Sephora 10hr wear perfection foundation. I bought it because I am looking for a way to look blemish free and a long wear foundation to eliminate retouching my make up every now and then.

Next, it will be the Milk Face Wash – Rosemary Peppermint Nori + Spirulina Extract Coconut. I am looking for a facial wash that will not make my face dry and flaky. Smooth skin is the best way to go especially for applying our makeup. It will look great. Less is more!

I will write a separate post for the reviews of both products. By the way, I want to share a little discovery about a new way to save and to have extra cash when buying online goodies!!! Yes! It is true. I bought the products with shopback and I got a few pesos in return. Woooh! Amazing! Online shoppers can enjoy discount or cashback when shopping with our favourite sites like Zalora, LazadaEnsogo and many other online shops. Nagshopping ka lang, kumita ka pa!!! I can't wait for my next purchase.

Here’s a screenshot of the site: 

Look what I saw on my drafts, the O'sulloc Tea Museum in Jeju Island, South Korea post. If you like to know how the tea produced in Korea, this is the right place. They have an amazing fields across the museum. Just be careful of the snakes, they have a sign beware of snakes. Yes! We are really mindful of our steps and entering the certain area especially in the middle of the fields. 

Obligatory photo photo op in the giant tea cup. 

Across the fields will be the museum itself

My sister crossing the street 

Finally, here we are

Cups with different designs 

They sell all sort of tea

The history of green tea

The old tea cups

Look at this wonderful few on the top

Green tea bun or macaroon hahaha I forgot

We also bought green tea soft ice cream even though it is a cold weather hahaha who cares?! It taste gooood!

I enjoyed our few hours of stay here. I tasted their famous green tea products such as the soft ice cream and the bread. Took some photos in the green tea field and I learned about the few history of the green tea. It is healthy and it has a lot of benefits for our body. There is also a cafe if you want to hang around for a while and taste their delicious variety of green tea products. Yum!

For more information:

Address: 1235-3 Seogwang-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju-do 699-924, South Korea
Phone: +82 64-794-5312
Operating Hours: 9AM - 6PM