One day, I saw a video about this case for smartphones and Iphones. I am not sure that it really exist because this is very innovative. Then, I decided to ask my intellectual friend named Google. Hahaha He confirmed that this amazing case exist. I kept on viewing their online shop until I gave in to the temptation. I bought the Ztylus Revolver kit, the LED Ring Light Attachment and the Z-clip vent mount

The day I received the ultimate dream for a cellphone case, who likes photography like me. Yes! It is all in the treasure box. *wink *wink

What's inside the box? The Ztylus Revolver Kit, it is a 4 in 1 lens kit that can be attached on the case of the cellphone.

Look how classy the box is.. Heart heart heart all over. 

When you opened the box, my sky blue Ztylus case is shouting for joy and coolness  in front of my eyes. It is very eye catching, indeed. 

There are a lot of freebies inside such as stickers, a tiny bag for the lens, small cloth to clean the lens or the case and a manual.

Here are the sample photos using the ztylus lens:

Wide lens

Macro lens

Fish eye lens

This is the ztylus clip. It can be used in the car while navigating in the road calling someone or watching videos during the traffic.

The verdict:

According to the their website, it will take up to 14 days or more to receive the item. Well, in the bright side, it took them less than 7 days shipping my order. I was really amazed how fast the delivery and how convenient because hello!! free shipping worldwide. However, other taxes and fees may apply when the item will be delivered. I paid additional fee around 1400.00 Php. It will depend on how much your item cost. The only complain I will have is that it will be on how they declared the cost of the item. They declared the amount without the discount. This is why I paid a higher amount of taxes and fees. Huhuhu

For the ztylus revolver kit, hands down to the inventor of this gadget. It is really easy to use and it is great for people who likes photography and wants to enhance their photo using their iPhones and smartphones. The packaging is so nice.I have nothing to say but only good words.

4.5 stars out of 5 stars

For more information visit Ztylus website. Just click the link ;)

Just got my first haul from Sephora Philippines with 5% cashback through Shopback. I got really excited when I learned that Sephora site is now available in our country. I might be late but hey this can be a bright future for both of us. Beauty products are love! Haha When I reached my midtwentish age, I started to be more concerned and aware with my skin and my glow. We need to start taking care of our skin to look young and fresh as always. That's the reason for the beginning of being a beauty junky.

My first haul was the Sephora 10hr wear perfection foundation. I bought it because I am looking for a way to look blemish free and a long wear foundation to eliminate retouching my make up every now and then.

Next, it will be the Milk Face Wash – Rosemary Peppermint Nori + Spirulina Extract Coconut. I am looking for a facial wash that will not make my face dry and flaky. Smooth skin is the best way to go especially for applying our makeup. It will look great. Less is more!

I will write a separate post for the reviews of both products. By the way, I want to share a little discovery about a new way to save and to have extra cash when buying online goodies!!! Yes! It is true. I bought the products with shopback and I got a few pesos in return. Woooh! Amazing! Online shoppers can enjoy discount or cashback when shopping with our favourite sites like Zalora, LazadaEnsogo and many other online shops. Nagshopping ka lang, kumita ka pa!!! I can't wait for my next purchase.

Here’s a screenshot of the site: 

Look what I saw on my drafts, the O'sulloc Tea Museum in Jeju Island, South Korea post. If you like to know how the tea produced in Korea, this is the right place. They have an amazing fields across the museum. Just be careful of the snakes, they have a sign beware of snakes. Yes! We are really mindful of our steps and entering the certain area especially in the middle of the fields. 

Obligatory photo photo op in the giant tea cup. 

Across the fields will be the museum itself

My sister crossing the street 

Finally, here we are

Cups with different designs 

They sell all sort of tea

The history of green tea

The old tea cups

Look at this wonderful few on the top

Green tea bun or macaroon hahaha I forgot

We also bought green tea soft ice cream even though it is a cold weather hahaha who cares?! It taste gooood!

I enjoyed our few hours of stay here. I tasted their famous green tea products such as the soft ice cream and the bread. Took some photos in the green tea field and I learned about the few history of the green tea. It is healthy and it has a lot of benefits for our body. There is also a cafe if you want to hang around for a while and taste their delicious variety of green tea products. Yum!

For more information:

Address: 1235-3 Seogwang-ri, Andeok-myeon, Seogwipo, Jeju-do 699-924, South Korea
Phone: +82 64-794-5312
Operating Hours: 9AM - 6PM

Bencab museum is one of the famous tourist spots in Baguio. It is a sanctuary of the works of our Filipino Artist. People should see how talented Filipinos are. Water colors, acrylic paints, charcoals and sculptures, name it they have it. 

When we ask the driver of the taxi, if he can drove us in Bencab museum. He obliged and gave us an offer. He told us if we want to stay then we will  pay the extra bucks. hahaha

Upon entering the museum, one must read the guidelines. Then, pay for the entrance fee for around 120.00Php per person. The ticket will be given to you. Finally, time to explore the wonderful works of our fellow Filipino people. 

Nagpapakaartsy pose

The paitings are amazing. Every piece has it's own dept and meaning. 

Strawberry fields are forever. 

Small nippa hut in the middle of the pond. It is outside the museum. 

Top view.

It feels like I am somewhere in Vietnam, standing here.

Cafe Sabel is located at Ben Museum. If you want to indulge yourself with good food and nature. This will be a perfect spot to have a sensible conversation with friends, love ones or family while drinking a hot coco or coffee.

Operating hours:
Tuesdays to Sundays 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
(last entry at 5:30 pm). Closed on Mondays, Christmas Day and New Year’s Day.

Entrance Fee:
General admission – Php120
Students with valid school ID – Php100
Seniors/ PWD with valid IDs – Php80
Special rates for student & organized groups with minimum of 30 guests
EcoTrail tour – same as above

For more information, visit their website BENCAB MUSEUM SITE
King Size Bed

During the cold ber months last December 2015, me and my girlfriends decided to go somewhere far for our Christmas party. We ended up here in Baguio City! One of my friends, suggested that we choose the hotel in the city proper. Then, we found this..Baguio Burnham Suites located in No.6 Kisad Road, Baguio City. It is near the Burnham Park, just a walking distance to the famous park. 

Pardon my photos, it is really on the side of poor quality images. During those times, I still don't have my phone replacement from the insurance. hehe

The living room and dining room with my friend sleeping hahaha sshhhhh

The place was huge. We were supposed to be 7 staying here, then we were suddenly down to 4. There were few bumps that happened in their schedules, weather conditions and the number one reason from Pinaka is "Malambot ang lupa" wag magbaguio. LELZ.

Yes! The king size bed. The 3 of us stayed in the bed and one on the living room with the sofa. If my other friends were supposed to go were here, they will be sleeping on the rollaway bed that we have requested after we booked thru the internet.

This is the 1st bathroom. 

The mini kitchen and the refrigerator. 

The 2nd bathroom


And the free breakfast. It was delish!

The Verdict: 

It was not what I expected. Well, maybe I underestimate it. When, we arrived in the hotel, I was delighted. It has a small nice lobby and a helpful receptionist. The place was right in the middle of the city. Close to Burnham Park and other famous places in Baguio City. The room has two bathrooms, it saved a lot of time for all of us to prepare in our days' adventure. haha We have more time to bond and roam around the cold city of Baguio. In my opinion, the amount of what we paid was enough and sulit talaga. The platted breakfast was delicious too. 

3.9 stars out of 5 stars

For more information:

Visit Baguio Burnham Suites Hotel website or contact them
Tel: +63 74-4242211-15 / +632-5844137 / +632-9150055
Fax: +63 74-4242216/ +632-5844137/ +632-7061093