A lot of things to think about. A lot of things to do. But one problem, so little time. I missed blogging. Its been a while, I've been busy with our thesis and with our requirements. Eleven days passed by, since my last blog. I told to myself, I'll try to update my blog as often as I can. On the other hand, my laziness is one of the hindrance. haha. *kaya ngayon na lang ulit ako nakapagblog* I have more stories to tell.

Team Building of CS/IT - July 20, 09

Lets go back the day before that. July 19,it was Sunday. I woke up early. I went to church by myself cause my mom and sister was still asleep. When I was in the Church, I remembered a portion of my love story, I spotted a cute guy praying solemly by himself. At the back of my mind, "the love story was coming true?? wow! eto na po ba sya?" *hallucination was occuring that time to me with kilig* For the reason, that its seldom to see a cute guy praying in the church. A God-fearing guy? Nowadays, you'll see them in the missionaries. Am I right?

After the mass, I'm late. What's new? 8am was the call time but I arrived around 10am. I'm very sorry for that but I have a good reason behind my tardiness. I lighten one candle for our thesis and one for the success of team building. See! A good reason to be late. We're all busy brainstorming, buying stuffs and preparing all the materials needed. Mall hopping was one major activity, it was hard without a private vechicle to use. Taxi to walking to walking to still walking. I felt I lose 10 pounds for that. Cool. :) instant lipo. hahaha I went home around 9pm.

Next day, I was late again. Aaarrgg! Traffic. However, I saw a friend. *sabay kami sa fx, yehey!* My friend was late for an exam, while I was late for a quiz. My prof gave some consideration, I'm happy, even though I haven't answer some of the questions. At least, I have some answers. We watched a film. Dismissed. Team building! Oh my. It was fun. Exciting. I was the one incharge for the documentation. I volunteered myself to be able to take some pictures of my crush without being too obvious. *stalker alert* It's hard to pretend, I don't know the person. I guess, I'm good playing the role. ;)) The activities were done, time to go home. Over-all, it was great. At last, I can breath! One down, more to go.

*Before and After*


Seminar - "Creative Minds"

The seminar was conducted by our block section, I'm incharge with the raffle draw. Love it! Exposure. Too bad, some of our invited audience did not came. :( On the contrary, It's also a success. Again, One down! wooh.

*waiting for my turn*


Freshmen Initiation

Cancelled for the nth time! Beacause of the weather, rally, sona, and the annivesary of the Iglesia ni Christo.


Thesis - "Enrollment System"

Finally, we have the title and the chapter one! Ride on. :)) Thanks to my patient groupmates. We discussed our thesis almost everyday in YM using conference. Without YM we're nothing. hahaha Without other people we're also nothing. We passed the draft of the first chapter yesterday.


*No time for texting*

Busy like a bumble bee. Last time, I have 64 unread messages on my cellphone it was all forwarded messages. No time to read. Right now, my cellphone is for emergencies only. *tagal ko din hnd nagUnli. Katamad na magcellphone gastos din magload.* I'm enjoying to be busy and active. I'll not stop from being busy. :)) *busy busyhan* I'm loving it!

Currently feeling: Sleepy
Currently doing: Blogging
Currently liking the words: Spoken Mind

Sometimes, when I think things are getting worst, I'm starting to think twice.
Am I doing what's better or worst? Trying to give myself some reason to hang on.
Trying to make things in order, fixing the damages done by this certain idea. I keep
questioning myself. Is this right? I feel confused. My mind can't stop functioning. My
body is aching from some actions that have done. I'm entering to the world of unknown.
I want to scream to release all the stress. I desire to jump in the highest mountain to
fumble the lightness of the wind. Suddenly, giving up is the only thing to do. On the
contrary, God does not permit me to let go. He gave me motivation to hope again. To
continue what I should do. BELIEVE. I know I'll survive. A challenge that I should win.

Currently doing: Research, Web app
Currently listening: Sound of the television
Currently liking this verse from the Bible:
"Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down:
for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand."
~ Psalm 37:24

Classes are suspend for this day! The storm named Inang, Indang or whatever is the reason behind it. God. Thank you! There will be no traffic for me. I have time to do my requirements for this midterm. I have also time to rest. I have been feeling worn-out these pass few days. A lot of "aberya" happened to me starting last Monday. It started my week like hell. I don't have to elaborate. Because maybe you'll be wondering, some of my post was about "unfortunate events". hahaha. I'll be more optimistic starting from now. I'll look at the brighter side. You can call me Ms.BrightSide. hahahaha This is the effect of the growth session we attented yesterday by our Guidance Councelor, Ms. Rita. It will help me and my classmates to stop or to lessen from worrying about things. Trust God. Pray. :D

*Resting, one thing I want to do right now*

My love story really suck. Big time! I'm not happy with it. I guess it's too corny and becoming too long. Messy messy messy. I have too many ideas to fit in one love story. I'm almost there. Trying to finish it. Trying to be not sssooo cheessssyyy! At least I've done my best. Sometimes, when I'm starting to type my thoughts, I felt like I'll be writing a book. hahaha That's why it became Lame lame lame. I'll post it soon. You'll be the judge. Tell me, how it sucks. How it bore you. OK?! If I've time or shameless that moment. I'll post it early as I'm done.

Currently listening: Rain drops
Currently Doing: Love story
Currently liking this quote:
"If you spend your whole life waiting for the storm,
you’ll never enjoy the sunshine."
****************I wish he exist.*****************
"One must desire something to be alive."

Basic Information:

Name: Unknown
Age: 19 years old
Place: Ayala Alabang, P'que City
Status: Single and available
Contact no.: 0927*******
Citizenship: Filipino
Course: Nursing, Architect, IT
School: DLSU, UP, ADM, CSB

Physical Aspect:

Eyes: Brown Almond Eye shape or Chinito
Nose: Not annoying to look at (one of the first thing I notice)
Lips: Thin sexy lips, cherry red
Teeth: In order *haha*
Skin Tone: Fair skin
Hair: Clean cut
Piercing: Left ear or none
Body: Medium build, not attracted to anorexic ones
Dimple: Cute :D
Clothes: Preppy or Laid-back; Plain colored polo shirts, no baggy pants, sneaker kind of guy
Perfume: Cold by benetton or any perfume smells like that and won't make me sneeze a lot
Nails: Clean

Get to know more:

Hobbies: Reading, Mountain Climbing, Traveling, Smiling
Sport: Basketball, Badminton, Swimming
Hangout: Home or room
Color: Blue, Orange
Movie: Anything
Music: Let the love begin *haha*
Weirdness: OC, laugh loud *like me*
Food: Chinese food, Japanese food, Lutong Bahay
Talent: Singing, Dancing, Cooking
Motto:"Faith has to do with things that are not seen and hope with things that are not at hand."
Love: "Love God about all."
Personality: Responsible, Intellectual, Funny, Understanding, Sweet, God-fearing
Ambition: To be successful


    • He knows what he wants in his life.
    • The more he talks, the more you get interested.
    • He makes you laugh, even in his corniest jokes.
    • You don't get angry, even he teases you.
    • He listens to your stories.
    • He shares his secrets with you.
    • He shows how he loves God and his family.
    • When he tells you, he likes you. You never doubt his sincerity.
    • He loves adventure. He doesn't bore you.
    • He understand your mood swings.
    • He respects your decisions.
    • There is no sign of infidelity or betrayal.
    • He is close to your friends and family.
    • He knows how to fight for you.
    • You share both the same interests.
    • Perfect Gentleman.
    • You learn a lot from him.
    • He brings out the best in you.
    • He wants you, not because he is desperate, He wants you for being you.

Enough said.

I'm a jolly person. Obviously, I love to laugh and have fun. I'm easily get excited every time, I think of new hobbies, challenges, events or anything that triggers my interests. The following is a list of what might keep me busy these pass few days and months.

  1. Thesis - looking forward.
  2. Partying with my blockmates.
  3. Meeting new friends.
  4. Updating my blogberry.
  5. Blogging.
  6. Doing the projects. Especially the love story thingy. It will begin soon.
  7. Going to the dentist. Changing the rubber or wire of my braces.
  8. The arrival of my long lost cute cousins. I miss them!
  9. To watch the must-seen-movies of this year.
  10. More bonding moments with my BOYS.
  11. Going home. Watching "Boys over flower". Sleep.
  12. OJT - experience office environment.
  13. Reading the borrowed books courtesy of Jamie.
  14. Endless meetings either CBM, JPCS or all student leaders.
  15. Stalk my crush. Invade their FB, FS or Multiply. In short, invade his privacy.
  16. Participate in school activities. *wow!*
  17. Play games on facebook. - See my competitive side.
  18. Meet with my kopi buddies or play badminton with them.
  19. To see if I'm going to receive a birthday gift from my father. *miracle!*
  20. Any gala. I'm so so so... Ready for it. XD

Ganyan ako kababaw. haha I'm excited to all things. Just living my life to the fullest. Life is short. I want to do a lot of things in this crazy world. Go lang ng go. :)) Especially now, this is my last year in college. I have only few months left to implement my Oplan Kickback. Hindi ko na yan magagawa pag may work na ko. tsk. Susulitin ko na. ;p
Well, I just read this a year ago pa 2008 in my friend's blog. Cool db? I've saved it pa. When I was browsing my files. I saw this again. I just want to share this. Sobrang nakarelate ako mga bords. I think tonight is the right time. For I don't have any powers to write my own blog. Besides, nahihiya ako irepost 'to sa multiply ko. Baka sabihin kuha ako ng kuha sa blog nya. :)) tska hnd nya lam 'tong site na 'to. kaya DIZIZIT!!! READ IT.

my suitors actually, pero malay mo applicable din sa ibang girls :p

after reading this you might think na, ang bossy ko naman, feeling reyna. syempre sa umpisa lang yan, pero once you'v won me, gosh. no comment nako.

1. dont make me come to you, sacrifice sweat, time and money, come to me gehddemmet! :)) ito ay EXTRA batingtingtingting points!

2. dont ask me foolish questions, go straight to the point! (like a needle point! -ty) haha

3. wag maging kabute! magtetext, hindi, magtetext, hindi. taena naman. be consistent.

4. if you're up to dirty games or talk, f*ck off, i'm not interested, unless.. you made me :)) joke.

5. be patient. coz actually im testing your patience dear. as in tinotodo ko kamalditahan ko sa mga suitors. i can make you give up, tried and tested. :))
tinan mo lahat ng sumubok, lahat may gf na after few weeks lang or months :)) are you one of them ? and they usually settle for less PEACE MEHN. PEACE!

6. dont act like my bf already. haha duh? i dont want another father-like someone braggin me tellin me what to and not to do.

7. accept me for who i am. coz i admit it, i've done lotsa of bad stuff and you have to deal about it and take into the consideration that im not legal when it comes to relationship, so practice maging secret lover :))

8. stop talking shit, ACT demmet. are you a nagging biatch to do all the talk and not doin anything? come on. (part dito yung keeping promises, IMPORTANT yun, as much as possible dont dissappoint me)

9. as i mentioned, materialistic at times, coz i want to know that i'm always remembered. kahit small things lang.. it makes a difference, besides special days like bday ito example, it's midnight, and we're texting tas ang punyetang unli ay naitigil na pala, instead of pressuring me to buy a load, naman! gusto mo ko marape? hayup ka ba? tulog na maid wala na ko mauutusan, magsend ka lang ng load na good for that night to text you, ayos na. o dba. matter of 25php!

10. dont flaunt if wala ka namang ipagmamalaki, dont use other person's stuffs like car to impress me, coz it's not the car f*cker it's YOU! bobo.

11.wag baduy. so wag madrama, mukha ba kong si charo sa mmk.. duh. at wag humirit ng "damn! ang swerte naman nya!" nayahahahaha anu ba. pinatatawa mo ko.

12. never make me wait.

13. when i ask you a question, answer me right away, coz in a glimpse my decision can change.

14. never lie, i'd rather know the truth and be hurt than to be happy and believe in lies. mukha akong tanga nun, lalo na kun may gf ka! gagu ka. giyerahin kita makita mo.

15. dont be so proud of yourself! be humble, galit ako sa mga hambog.

16. wag warfreak. babayagan kita.

17. kung ndadamihan ka sa mga pinagsasabi ko dito, abay suko ka na kagad, kitams?? sibat na. wag mareklamo.

18. syempre may mga nakakturn off din naman akong side, so kung ganun man, if you want to say it to me, say it nicely! wag exagge. at wag imbento ng storya.

19. stop testing me, anu ka ba di pa nga tau, ako lang may karaptan magtest drive este testing sau kasi kaw ang manliligaw. hahahaha


the last number, i'll leave it blank. kasi madami pa. hahahha
coz you know, its hard to sum everything up in this single blog in one sitting.. coz in life there's really no certain rules you have to follow to be successful, but guides are given, so thus this.

sinulat ko toh to express my thoughts hindi para magpapansin!!
itong mga toh based on experience. dahil nakakabwiset minsan ang suitors. ;))