Yey! We watched Green Hornet last Saturday. Before watching the movie, we were at the baptismal of the first born child of my mom's friend. We ate lunch then straight to the mall. "GREEN HORNET 3D".. I think this is my first movie for 2011. It's really funny! Let's just say I'm one of the people, who laughs aloud while watching this movie. I love action with a little bit of comedy on it. I recommend this movie!

Seth Rogen -- he's funny in many ways. He makes me laugh even in his simple lines that's what I can call comedian. The spoiled, party animal and egocentric person he is in the movie, he gave justice on it. From the start till the end, he wins my attention by of course making me laugh. I've seen him from the movie "Knock Up", he changed in drastic ways. He lose weight and looks good on him.  
"Don't stop to parteh!"

Jay Chou -- the super talented side kick of Green Hornet a.k.a. KATO. He's hot! Damn! hahaha I'm looking forward to see him in Hollywood. Their tandem is perfect. He should be the protagonist of the movie. He has the killer moves. His character suits him. I want Green Hornet part 2...

me plus my sister, on our way...
Serenitea -- Milk Tea, nata de coco, 75% sweetness 

I am a movie buff. I love movies. Therefore, next time I will post my own version of
"MUST-WATCH-MOVIES-2011". This will be fun. =)

Last January 15, Saturday, I had fun with my high school friends @ REPUBLIQ, Resorts World. After long years, it's my first time to hang out with them again(well, some of them). I miss high school life. We danced all night till we drop. Yeah. I got freaky freaky with my ladies. hahaha Booze, music plus friends are the perfect equation for FUN.

We're one of the early birds arrived. =)
Bacardi 151 -- It never fails.

Baileys with Cherry on top.

We agreed that every month or if we are free, we're going to parteh!!! Cool! Lovin' that idea. We finished around 3am or 4am then, we had a Mcdo drive thru. All I can say, It was a heck of a night! =) Looking forward to see them again and to parteh!
Hello! Happy New Year! It's kinda late for the greeting. Well, what the heck! I don't care. :))

I know.. This is uberly late but I'll be "serious blogger" this year. I have more time now than last year. So last December 31,2010 and January 01,2011... as always I spend my New Year with my fun and loving family. Here are some pictures:

ME! waiting @ the car. Nah, just trying our luck to
have good photos with my sister.

This is us. ME and FAMILY. and of course! FOOD!

(sister, mom, me & grandmother)
*Web cam mode* my mom isn't ready. hohoho
my grandmother is playing cool, posing with us.

my sister wanting a jump shot.

That's for now. I'll update my blog if ever I have new events in my life. Since I started to have a tumblr account, I became addicted to that site. Major reason why I haven't post anything fun lately. Soon! Don't worry, I'll recover. I'll start posting here and there again. I can do this. Have faith! Hmm.. Wait, I think my blog needs a make over, right?! I'll do it this weekend, if ever I don't have some getaways with friends.