Today is other day for #OOTD post. How I wish I could post a lot #OOTD everyday but unfortunately, I have work which requires us to wear uniform 5 times a week. So it means I only have the weekends to wear what I want, right? On weekdays, if you saw me on the sidewalk, mrt or wherever, I looked like someone who doesn’t know how to comb her hair. Haha I don’t put make up on regular days. I think when it comes to make up 101, I don’t excel. I need more training. I am working on it. Anyways, for my outfit of the day, I wore a sleeveless lace blouse and a galaxy mini skirt. I realized if you wore something like my skirt with color blocking, it can hide your huge hips like mine. That’s one huge trick to hide the unlikable parts of your body.

Bracelet and evil eye ring from Tinsel Shop | Inspired ring from Shop O' Jewels.

Galaxy Skirt from Tinsel Shop | Shoes from Call it Spring

Yes, this is really happening on Monday, July 1st, 2013 for the spring cleaning of Google. They will shut down Google Reader. OMG! So all my 550+ followers on GFC will vanished and all the blogs I have been following from GFC for years will be gone. Damn! After all the hard work I’ve been thru to reach the number of GFC followers, it will now disappeared just like that. In a snap of a finger, poof! Gone! It can also cause decease on our blog’s traffic.

What will be the best solution? 

 I embedded a video so you will have an idea what is bloglovin. (For those who doesn't know it yet)

I suggest to start importing all the blogs you follow to bloglovin before Monday. Here is the link: It is very easy! Go on dear! Don’t be shy heaven is on your side. 

 Another video, to learn more about

You can use for following my blog and other blogs too. It is formerly named NuffnangX then one day it changed. Hahaha

My other suggestion is follow my blog and your favorite blogs to NetworkedBlogs. It is on my sidebar! Follow me? XD

You have a lot of choices to import your Google reader but I recommend bloglovin because it is easy to use and I am using it for a couple of years already. I tried and tested it. They also have an application for iphone and android phones so you can read your favorite blogs anywhere you want. also has an app for your phone too.

So what are you waiting for, start importing the blogs, you are following, before Google swipes it all on Google Reader.

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LAZADA, Southeast Asia’s largest online shopping mall, today disclosed that Verlinvest, a Belgian family-owned, consumer-focused investment holding company, has joined the company as an investor. Existing investors Holtzbrinck Ventures, Kinnevik, Summit Partners and Tengelmann Group also participated in the financing round that injected about $100 million of fresh capital into LAZADA’s German holding company.

“We are extremely happy to have finalized this investment round shortly after our 1st year anniversary and to again focus 100% of our attention on what we enjoy most: providing an amazing shopping experience to our customers” Maximilian Bittner, CEO of LAZADA, commented. “The interest in joining this round and its quick closing has exceeded all our expectations” he added. “We are thrilled to join LAZADA as a partner of Rocket Internet and an investor, the company’s scale and achievements after only one year of operations are highly impressive. Given the management’s track record and the region’s macro outlook we are very confident in LAZADA’s future” Frédéric de Mevius, Chairman of Verlinvest, said.

LAZADA, which recently surpassed 1 million orders, has always maintained the customer experience as its main point of focus and invests heavily to provide superior services to its customers. This focus has resulted in a highly streamlined fulfilment process where currently 90% of all orders are shipped the same day and 85% of orders in metro areas are delivered within the next day. However, to further improve delivery time and increase customer satisfaction the company will use a large part of the freshly injected capital to optimize its fulfilment infrastructure in the near future.

At the same time LAZADA announced the launch of its new mobile application that provides its customers with a fast and intuitive shopping experience using a smartphone. The application is currently available for Android users and an iPhone version is soon to come. “We are very excited to launch this mobile shopping platform that provides additional convenience to our customers allowing them to shop anywhere at any time” said LAZADA’s CMO Stein Jakob Oeie. “Mobile commerce is representing more than 10% of eCommerce in the US and we expect this to develop even faster in Southeast Asia where many users only have access to the Internet through smartphones” he continued.

The application can be downloaded from Google play here

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Do you remember when I mentioned on my post that I am going to Baguio? Well, here it is.. before the travel post. The feeling foodie post first. Haha I really enjoyed our food trip adventure in Baguio. The prices of the food were not that expensive compare to Manila. You can enjoy a cup of hot choco for 30php or a glass of margarita for 65php with extra shot for additional 25php. OMG! I would be drank if I took advantage of the price.

The first stop was in HE-Brews Bookstore and Café

Well, I just drank a hot choco because I am not yet prepared to eat. I don’t know why. Hehe Diet kunyare. But my officemates ordered pastas and sandwiches. Then, I just smelled their food and wishing I ordered too. Hahahaha They told me, the food was delish and I just smiled and read a book. Hahaha Diet ako e..
They are also selling religious books. It is located near the Cathedral Church.

Our hot choco. I think this was Swiss Miss.. hehehe

For more information:
Facebook page:
Address: Porta Vaga Roofdeck, 2600 Baguio City, Philippines

O’ Mai Khan

It is an eat-all-you-can Mongolian style restaurant. I don’t know if I am satisfied with my food. How I wish they let us ordered with the menu because I have no idea what to combine with the veggies and sauce. My food ended up to be boring and not so fun to eat. (I did not included rice because diet ehhh hahaha) But looking at the people eating on the 1st floor how I wish I just joined them. Hihi However, it is alright because our lunch is free courtesy of our company.

Second floor. They have a simple yet lovely decoration.

Mah food. What can you say?

This was the choices. You will pick some raw veggies and meat add some sauce and they will cook it for you. Depends on how you want it.

For more information:
Facebook page:
Address: Upper Session Rd Baguio City, Benguet
Phone No.: (074) 442-5885

Oh My Gulay

It is a vegetarian restaurant. It was hard to locate this but it was worth it. Even though I am not a vegetarian, the food was so tasty and yummy. I can say I can eat if for the rest of my life. I will surely have a long life and sexy body! Nyhahaha char! Another to look forward to this place is art. It is like an exhibit of the local artist. I felt a little hippie and artsy while enjoying my food in this place. The prices of the food were very reasonable.

It was like a hidden paradise on the 5th floor.

Look how wonderful the place was. It felt like I am in another world.

Banana Crepe. Actually we ordered Mango Crepe but it was so good we did not noticed. hahaha 
It was too late to complain.

Oh My Gulay Rice. Heaven! It is a brown rice top with egg, tofu and dashed with oyster sauce plus springkled with sesame seed. Yummmm!

Kabute. It is a vegetarian styled cook carbonara. 

For more information:
Address: Session Road, Top Floor, La Azotea Bldg. Baguio City, Benguet

Pizza Volante 

While searching for another place to eat, for the reason my other officemates are very carnivorous, we ended here at Pizza Volante. They ordered steak and Pizza. So this was the night I forgot about the word diet ever existed in my vocabulary. I ate pizza after eating rice and dessert at Oh My Gulay.

The jam packed menu.

Half Margarita and the other half is (i forgot, sorry) hehehe

The steak!
For more information:
Address: 82 Session Road Baguio City, Benguet
Phone No.: (074) 445-0777

I think I will start posting more of foodie post here on my blog. Woooohhh! It will always be my first love. Food!!! XD

Every wedding has a or several bridesmaids; it depends on the bride if she has many close friends. What will you wear? Have you decided what to wear in those kinds of event? What will I wear if my best friend one day decided to get married? Waaah. I suddenly feel giddy. I want to wear a simple gown. Something elegant and fabulous but not overshadowing the bride, right?

There are a lot of wonderful gowns out there. One of them is meant for you and will fit perfectly.

I have decided what if I try one shoulder bridesmaid dresses for that certain event? I think that would be excellent. Not showing to much skin, it would be the best pick gown ever. So of course, google is always a big help to all of us. Moreover, I started typing my idea of the gown then hit the enter button. Woooh! I suddenly have a lot of choices. Check out the gown I have searched and selected.

Left: Bow One Shoulder A-line Short Bridesmaid Dress
Right: Flower One Shoulder Floor Length A-line Bridesmaid Dress

Left: Ruched One Shoulder Long A-line Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress
Right: Elegant Black One Shoulder Empire Long Chiffon Bridesmaid Dress

Left: Chiffon One Shoulder Ruching Pleats Knee Length Bridesmaid Dress 
  Right: Ruffle One Shoulder Knee Length A-line Bridesmaid Dress 

Left: Royal Blue Pleated One Shoulder Sheath Floor Length Bridesmaid Dress
  Right: Taffeta One Shoulder Applique Ruching A-line Bridesmaid Dress 
I hope this post help you decide what you should wear if you are going to be a bridesmaid. Always remember, always look dashing, elegant and classic when wearing a gown. More importantly, help the bride to have the best wedding ever. I think being a bridesmaid has a huge responsibility to have a successful wedding. Don't forget to lessen the stress of the bride. One more thing,  surprise the bride with a bachelorette party that she won't ever forget. Good luck!

How was your summer days? Right now, the rainy season is starting to take over. But during the time when the rain is not falling you can still feel the summer heat and it is super hot. What I hate about summer is that I can't take the heat especially if I am somewhere else or even at home. However, going out of town trips with my friends and love ones will always be the best part of summer. Beaches, colorful prints, shakes and no traffic will often remind me of summer. It is so much fun to make memories and laugh and be happy.

Hippie vibe for this outfit. Skirt, tank tops with huge belt, rings and my hairdress. I am posting this to say bye bye to summer. I might not see the sun for the couple of days because of the gloomy weather but you will always be in our hearts our sunny shine shine. 

 I hope you enjoyed visiting this post. How about you? How was your summer days?

Evil Eye ring from Tinsel Shop, Bangles from Kamiseta, Belt from Tomato, The rest of my clothes were from my closet for years now. hehe

 By the way, have you seen my DIY Post for my hairdress? You can check it here!


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Lately, I have been addicted to Korean Novelas but only during our lunch break at the office I have time to watch it. At home, I watch Prime time bida, LOL! You know like Ina, Kapatid, Anak, Kamagnak! Hahahaha I am so jologs diba? Hahaha Weekends for me is usually the time to spend with my family, Hunny and friends. Anyways, going back to the topic. Gentleman’s Dignity is a story about men in their 40's and friendship tested by time. 

 Dennis Kim / Kim Do-jin was the playboy architect who fell in love with Seo Yi-soo / Irene Seo but Seo Yi-soo / Irene Seo has a secret love on Im Tae-san / Tristan Lim, one of the friends of Dennis Kim / Kim Do-jin. But when the story progress Dennis Kim and Irene Seo will fall in love and they have a lot of kilig moments. Trust me, I got almost the kilig moments on the photos below. Just them, I did not include the other characters. Heheheh 

Tristan Lim / Im Tae-san is the business partner of Dennis Kim and the love interest of Irene Seo for the first part of the story. But Tristan Lim pursues Hong Se-ra / Vera, the roommate of Irene Seo. Their problem was Vera doesn’t want to be married and have family of her own. She just wants to play golf but in the end she got pregnant and decided to get married after the baby is born.

Ron Choi / Choi Yoon is a widower. His wife died but he ended up with the younger sister of Tristan Lim Im Meari / Carrie. This young girl has an ultimate crush to Ron Choi she kept on visiting Ron Choi until Tristan Lim decided to send her to USA to study again but Ron Choi stopped her and they got married.

Jiro Lee / Lee Jung-rok is married to a rich business woman, who is older than him. His wife kept on threatening him of having a divorce because of the foolishness he have been doing with other girls. However, in the end he decided to give up being a playboy and be loyal to his wife. 

At the end, Dennis Kim proposed to Irene Seo and everyone live happily ever after. I forgot to include that Dennis Kim has an unknown child to his first love. You should watch this to know the whole story. 

This Korean Novela is funny to watch. I kept on laughing and kilig at the same time with the scenes. As they said, this one is like the sex in the city version for the men.

Look at the photos I grabbed from google, almost all of the kilig parts of Dennis Kim and Irene Seo:

hihihi  so what do you think? Kilig right?! Sweet momentsssss

Before the summer season bid farewell to all us here in the Philippines, I will teach you how to dougie. Hahaha I kid. I mean teach you the DIY hairdress I made long time ago. Yes! It took me months to remember that I have made a special post for this. Gahhh! I am so forgetful sometimes. I made this when I was having quarter-life crisis and I need an activity to not let my mind overthink for a couple of minutes or hours. I confess making crafts, reading, blogging and writing to my little journal makes me sane. Makes me release the stresses I am encountering in my life. One more thing, praying and talking to God is one of the moments I treasure for those insane-biopolar-day I am having sometimes. Anyways, back to the topic, let’s do some arts and crafts! Ready? 

  • scissors
  • wire
  • floral tape
  • artificial flowers (the more colorful the better)
Measure the size of your head or the head of the person who will use it by circling the wire on the head. Then, if you are satisfied with the size, cut it. It will be round just like the photo above.

Next step, make the wire a little bit thicker by rolling more wires on the base. Wire on wire baby!

Ta-da! After rolling the wire. It will look like the image above! :)

It is now time for the use of floral tape. It will hide the wire and it can also transform
 the ordinary wire into a stem look a like.

Now time for the main event, the artificial flowers. We will remove the stems of it. Leaving the flowers only. Look at the next photo.

Flowers without the stem.

Now, let's use the wire to hold the flowers. Just like the photos above and below.

It's like replacing the stems into wires. The more flowers the more 
colorful it will be when it is finish.

The last and final step! Attached the flowers to the base we have measured for our head/s  a while ago by rolling the "stem" wires of the flower. Just like on the photo above.

The finish product! It's so nice! (Of course! I made it! hahahaha) I will post a #OOTD wearing this hairdress. I am having a fun with DIYs lately. Do you have any suggestions for my next DIY post? Comment please! I can't wait to read your feedback/s and suggestion/s.