Are looking for a place to hangout and drink a cup of newly brewed coffee or latte? Well, I think this is the place for you. Either you want to study for your exams, close a business deal, chill with your friends or have a good talk with your significant other, I recommend this place. It has a cozy and homey look with a little bit of vintage touch. So what's the name of the coffee shop? It is called Epic Coffee Roastery. It is located along Kapitolyo, Pasig City. It is a sister company of Poco Deli. That's why they have the menu from Poco Deli. If you want something from Poco Deli, they will get it for you. The price ranges to 100 pesos to more or less 200 pesos.

The counter. The girl ordering is my friend Dale, she's the one who recommended the place. She knows a lot about coffee. She is one coffee drinker for sure.

They have cakes, cupcakes, breads, brownies and non-caffeine drinks available in the counter.

The silver container on the left side is water dispenser. Cool, right?

My drink. Sea salt caramel frappe for 145php. It tasted so good! Even though I stop drinking anything with caffeine for couple of years already, there will always an exception for the day,

Turkey Pastrami (165php)

They sell few sandwiches and cakes. If you are looking for a place to eat and you want to have your tummy to be full to the extent you can't breath anymore, this place is not for you. But just for hangouts and catch up dates with your friends and special someone. You can bring them here. Talk, drink coffee or frappe munch a little, this is a the place to be. It is not crowded like the other overrated coffee shops. Try their coffee, of course! or the frappe! or the latte art (super nice)! It is gooood! Now, I am craving for it! XD

For more details:
Address: #102 East Capitol Drive, Brgy. Kapitolyo, Pasig
Contact No.: (02) 631 0057
Store hours: 8am to 10pm 

 (Used my ipad in taking photos)

I have been sharing to some of my blog post about my thinning hair, it is one of my 99 problems. I am too young to experience it. When I saw the invitation from Regroe, I honestly did not have second thoughts on trying the free hair and scalp analysis on their kiosk. It was a nice experience to learn about the cause of hair lost and hair fall. They also have the solution for it. Because regrow prevents hair fall, stimulates hair matrix cells and improves circulation and nutrition of the hair follicles. The reasons of hair fall are hereditary, stress, medication, habitual plucking and pregnancy. Check out our experience with Regroe booth.

That's my mom, checking our her hair and scalp analysis.

According to the result, she needs to use the 3% Minoxidil Regroe - Hair Regrowth Treatment. My result was a worse than her, I need to use the 5% Minoxidil Regroe - Hair Regrowth Treatment. Could you believe that? I should start preventing hair fall as early as now, so I would not be bald in the future.

Here are the products.

People were busy checking out their hair and scalp analysis.

They gave me some free products. As of now, I am using it already and I am excited to show you the results soon. 

By the way, you can also try the free hair and scalp analysis. Here are the dates and places to find them:

October 01-31
Watsons Drug Store - SM Mall of Asia Mall 1
Watsons Drug Store - SM Manila Mall 5 

October 08-13
Mercury Drug Store – BGC 32nd Street, Taguig
Mercury Drug Store – Glorietta, Ayala
Mercury Drug Store – ATC Zapote
Mercury Drug Store - Zapote, Las Pinas
Mercury Drug Store – Rockwell, Makati
Mercury Drug Store – Padre Faura, Ermita Manila
Mercury Drug Store – Roxas Blvd., Ermita Manila

October 01-15
Landmark Trinoma Dept. Store

October 14-19

Watsons Drug Store – SM Fairview Mall 1
Watsons Drug Store – SM Fairview Mall
Watsons Drug Store – Robinson’s Galleria, Ortigas
Watsons Drug Store – SM Cubao Drug
Watsons Drug Store – SM Sta. Mesa Mall
Watsons Drug Store – Sta. Lucia Mall

October 15-20

Mercury Drug Store – Farmers Plaza, Cubao
Mercury Drug Store – Kaloocan 11 th Ave.
Mercury Drug Store – Retiro Mayon
Mercury Drug Store – Sct. Borromeo
Mercury Drug Store - Alimall, Cubao
Mercury Drug Store – Robinson’s Galleria, Ortigas
Mercury Drug Store - Evergotesco Commonwealth

October 16-22 – Robinson’s Ermita Place,Manila

For more details:

I have been an avid fan of the anime series called Samurai X. When I heard the good news that it would be a movie, I certainly jumped for joy. I have been watching it before on channel 2 then on channel 23 (the Tagalog version) and even on AXN (the English version). Unfortunately, I wasn't able to continue it until the very end because of the on and off air time of the anime. But the episodes were still fresh from my memory. 

"Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenkaku Romantan"

The first movie of Samurai X. It was a movie that is breathtaking. Full of action and fight scene, it started the scene just like in the anime. It feels like I am watching the anime. The costumes, the faces, the acting of the characters were all alike on the anime. I salute them for being true to the story. (most of the time)

Check out the trailer of the first movie: 

“Rurouni Kenshin: Kyoto Inferno”

The second installment of the movie was Kyoto Inferno. It started with Shishio being so mean and aggressive with killing. He wanted to revenge with the new government because of what happened to him after the war. He was killed and burnt by people from the new government. He seek for revenge to remake the history. He wanted power and control all over Japan. Meanwhile, the new government decided to ask for Kenshin's help to stop Shishio. On his journey, he met a lot of people who could help him win the war against the evil Shishio. The movie ends with Kenshin being love suicidal for Kaoru. When Shishio kidnapped Kaoru, he let Kaoru fall from the ocean. Then, Kenshin did not take any second thoughts on jumping in the stormy sea just to save Kaoru. Unfortunately, he did not saved Kaoru. He was washed on the shore by the ocean. Later on, a tall guy grabbed him and the end!!! Hahahah this is post has too much information. Sorry for being a spoiler, hihi

“Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends"

So the guy who helped Kenshin was his master. Kenshin asked for teaching him the ulitimate heaven technique to fight Shishio and the others. On his journey to Tokyo, he fought Aoshi the leader of the East Watchers. Then, continued his way to finish the war between him and Shishio. I think the other details is for you to watch. Hahaha It was so action packed movie. The only thing I did not enjoy was the way they execute the ultimate heaven technique. But the rest of the movie was good. They really based it on the anime. It feels like I am watching the anime episode per episode. You won't be lost if you watched it without any background story of the anime. Just be sure you watched the first movie.

Surprise visit from the cast of Rurouni Kenshin

Look! They had a surprise visit to the Philippines. That's one lucky jeep! 

Watch the interview of Bogart Explorer! They were so cute, especially Kaoru.

The Verdict: 
 4.9 out of 5 stars (minus point for the ultimate high heaven technique hihi) 
How about you? any thoughts on the movie? Feel free to share it below. I am happy to hear it.

(Photos were grabbed from Google randomly.)

More photos from my last post (Blue Coral Beach Resort)

Banana boat! So much fun and exciting!

 The closest place from Manila to experience the white sand.

View thru my spectacles.

Me. Hahaha meditating?

Someone's having a selfie time. Caught on act. Hihi

The time we went island hopping. Look how clear the water is! How I wish all of the beaches here in the Philippines is clear as this one. It would be a happier world.

Not so ready me. 

Let's build a sandman? Hihi

For the finale, another photo of me inside the resort.

I hope with my few photos I was able to entertain you. I want to share more photos with you unfortunately it was me, myself and I ang peg ko. That's why I decided not to post it anymore. Hahahah just picked some random artsy photos. I was on a hipster mode when editing those photo. So ayan, feeling hipster. That vacation photos though. Yah. Till next time. I am excited to post a lot of travel adventure soon!!! =) 2015 goal to travel more!!!