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Bag Review For DFabShop

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Last Friday, I have received a package from DFabShop. I was surprised that it was quite big. Hahaha To my excitement, I hurriedly opened it and saw two bags. OMGEE! So cute! LOVE IT!

the package.
I was surprise to saw this when I open the black bag.
 Cutie pink bag tag with a note from DFabshop. Sweet! :)

Here it is! :) what's inside the package...

Do you remember this necklace? This is the Fringe necklace I bought from Zalora.

Tada! The black shoulder bag perfect for anywhere.
The first bag caught my attention was the black shoulder bag. It is simple but it is just what I need. I can put I lot of things on it. The first thing about bags that I always look at, will my things fit on it? Especially my umbrella because as a commuter and having a bipolar weather here at our country nowadays, it is essential to bring an umbrella always. I also get sick quickly so I avoid it. Next will be, easy to tag along. As you can see the strap of the bag, it is the right length. It will not be a hindrance when I hug it when I am in the MRT. Of course, the colour of the bag, it is perfect for any clothes you wear or any where you can go because it’s black.

my fave! the envelop clutch bag.

Second bag, the envelop bag. Woooh! Perfect! Hahaha I super love it. This will be my favourite. It is a clutch bag. It looks really durable and I can surely use it for a long time.  Lately, when I was in the mall I was looking for a small bag that can fit my two phones and my long wallet. I could not find one, so I am really thankful for DFabShop for sending me all of this. You are the best!  By the way, I have an upcoming giveaway, DFabShop will be giving away 5 lucky readers a P200 worth of GCs and 1 lucky winner of a bag. So stay tuned! 

i took a picture using the bags. forgive me for the other photo, it is blurred because 
the my camera gave up on me. (empty battery).. I  am just using a tripod. My sister 
was on her ballet class so freelance model slash 
photographer here all in one. hahaha

For More Information:
Name of the Online Shop: DFabShop
Facebook page link:
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