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Swarovski Beads Wholesale

Sunday, September 09, 2012

If you are interested in making money out of accessories designing, you would need to have trusted Swarovski beads wholesale source to ensure that you will be able to get them at bulk prices yet still of the best quality, along with other types of beads.

Swarovski crystal is known to fashion lovers and accessory makers because of its dazzling beauty and charm. Stunning Swarovski beads are known for the endless selection of shapes, colors, sizes, finishes and styles. With these wide varieties, you will always have new design ideas.
You can buy swarovski crystals in bulk from your local beads store in your area, or you can purchase wholesale online for bulk distributors. Look for the important points to consider when buying these dazzling Austrian beads.

1. Selection Coverage. Does your source offers all the most popular, if not the complete selection? Selection gives you freedom to create beautiful pieces.

2. Quality and Authenticity. You have to check the merchant's proof of importing Swarovski from Austria like certificates or way bills. With a lot of fake crystal beads popping up today, you have to make sure that your supplier is really giving you authentic Swarovski.

3. Availability of Stock. Make sure that the supplier stocks up several packages for your accessory making needs. You would not want an out of stock answer on your most needed type of bead at times.

4. Bulk Pricing Discounts. Best Swarovski Crystal Wholesale source is the one that can offer bulk packages at discounted prices. Discounts will allow you to gain profit from your designs. There are shops that offers 50's, 100's, or even 200's packages. The higher number of beads per pack, the bigger discount you will going to get.

5. Customer Service. A dedicated team to speak with about whatever questions you may have like availability, selection, prices, discounts and even special requests, is very vital. 

With all the five points to remember in selecting your Swarovski beads wholesale source, for sure you will enjoy creating your masterpieces while you are earning from your designs.

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