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The Perfect Bun in 4 Easy Steps

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Do you want to know the secret of the perfect bun? Everyone has her own version of it. Well, I can say I found my way in the world of bun. Yes! I discovered it when I was looking for something in Daiso Store. Have you heard of that store? Here in the Philippines Daiso is also known for All things P88 or P66. Haha I love that store. They sell the weirdest and the useful things no other man-kind can think it exists! 

Back to the topic, the perfect bun. I will share you the 4 easiest step of it. Because I cannot understand Japanese, I made my own steps. Haha 

the Japanese instruction
These are the things you need.
I bought a hair extension that suits the color of my hair (as shown in the photo above) for only P88. They have different colors like black, ash blonde, brown and any more. You need a ponytail, the hair extension and some bobby pins. That's all. Hair spray if you want too.

I tied my hair like the normal bun we can do. I twirled it (like the photo above). Then, secure it with the ponytails. Afterwards, I put the hair extension to cover my bun and some bobby pins. TA-DA! Finish! As easy as 1-2-3-4..!

The finish product! The perfect bun.. :)
How easy was that, right? Do have some other way for perfect bun? Share it with us. Comment it! :)

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