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Late for Twenty-Twelve, So Early for Twenty-Thirteen Christmas Party

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

During the last week of January, we celebrated our Christmas Party. Just like last year click here if you can’t remember or haven’t read it before. It is odd to post a Christmas Party event in my blog during March? Hehehe As usual, late. But hey, as I was said before I have work that's why I am a little late when it comes to uploading photos in the internet world. Hihi Sometimes I don’t have much time to blog it at home because my sister is using my lappy. However, I am going my best to update my blog when it comes to my personal life.

Enough with the excuses, this time we celebrated our Christmas Party at Hampton’s. Char! Gossip girl? Nyhahaha I mean, we celebrated at The Picasso Hotel at Makati City. I bought the deal from Deal Grocer for almost 50% off. Woot! Take note it was the Loft. Not your ordinary room I can say. So we partied with style. It was a tiring yet fun experience.

The first agenda was to check-in in the hotel. I experience a problem though; I forgot to bring the voucher. Oh oh! But the receptionist was so kind, he told me to just email it to them. Thank goodness they have internet connection everywhere and they have two computers to use. Afterwards, we were assigned on the 8th floor. Then, ta-da! The room was amazing. I will post a separate entry of it. 

The party started late at night, just chillin and catching up with my gal friends. Oh how I missed their company, the non-stop laughter and the stories. I am little sad because one of our friends can’t come with us because of some family matters. I am hoping next time, she will be celebrating with us again. 

Photodump begins now…


Sequence Shot -- so i made it to a collage so it won't be too clutter with the same poses and faces.

We got hungry so we walked and walked in the middle of the night to find a restaurant. We
landed here at Grill 101. (not sure with name) hehehe

While waiting for the orders, we took pictures at it's finest. Playing multi-player games at the gadgets. I forgot the again, the name of the game we where playing. It was about finding the
spotlight for the chubby singing guy. It was cute! 

Adobo from Grill 101

It was also my friend's birthday, Therese powerful! hahaha (that is her twitter name lol)
After eating we decided to went to Rue Bourbon, we had a few drinks. Oh how I love the taste of
their beer. It tastes like caramel. We just waited for the 12 midnight to strike so we could sing
a birthday song for the celebrate. We had free shots courtesy of Rue Bourbon! Thank you! 

My friend Therese was surprised when she heard a birthday song played in the whole place. Sikat! lol
Plus a cheese cake and a candle for the birthday girl to blow and make a wish.

Picture with everyone with the birthday girl plus the cake! :) By the way, thank you for the
treat Therese! Sana birthday mo lagi! (in English: How i wish it's your birthday everyday!)

The cheese cake.

Then, after the few drinks we decided to go back to the hotel and have our exchange gifts.
As always, we have that kind of thingy every year. I got a camera strap from Jona. Thank you!

The other gifts - we received from each other. I gave them a purse for make-ups or anything 
you wantto put in it. My gift was the one with a red ribbon. hehe 

Good morning! =)

I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Till next time! My next post will be the interior of the room! XD

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