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The Z Files: Life of the Beach Party

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It's summer! So what do we do during summer? Let's go to the beach beach and parteehhh!
Here are my picks for this summer:

http://zlrph.com/X5M7A0 (bikini)
http://zlrph.com/WdC90Z (cover-up)
One of the best cover ups and swimsuit I saw. It is elegant and so classy. I will definitely buy them both for a fashionable summer getaway! :)

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/VHvABn
Ruffled triangle top, this kind of swimwear are for girls that is a little bit flat chested. It will give illusion that your boobies are not that flat. hehehe

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/XvCRor
I saw Solenn Heussaff on her instagram wearing the same kind of swimwear. It is so sexy!

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/15dRKy8
One piece, this is simple but I love the small details on this swimsuit.

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/125iSRX
I love cover ups! This one is definitely for the win. 

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/XS7JhW
Sarong can be use in many ways, it is a must have for the beach.

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/VHvLwq

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/XAmnZ5
Another must have, sunnies! Everyone should protect their eyes from the sun because you don't
want to be blind, right?

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/XAmfca

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/ZufNpe
Of course! If you're going to protect your eyes from the sun. You should also protect your skin from
the harmful rays of sun. Avoid sunburn and skin cancer, always use sunblock with the highest spf 
protection. Especially if you don't want to be overcook from the sun and be "nognog". lol!

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/Ytnugy
CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/X8i6hs
CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/ZDp0zh
The perfect way to enjoy the beach is the perfect music. Don't forget to bring your mp3s, ipad, ipod
or any gadget that can produce music. Plus a speaker or a earphones. Then, turn on the reggae music.

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/13GZG8f
CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/13GZgif

The beach bag should be huge to bring all those necessary things!!! XD
CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/13GZlCK
Add to your arm collection this wonderful charm bracelet. It is so colorful.
LOVE for summer! Summer is LOVE! <3 p="">
CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/15dRLC3
You don't  want to step on the hot sand while walking and finding the spot to chill right?
Don't forget to bring your flip flops.

CLICK TO SHOP --> http://zlrph.com/138TZo7
Waterproof mascara for a tantalizing eyes even you are in the water. :)
Click the links if you want to check on the products at Zalora.
Don't forget to use my Discount Code: AbbeyCalvoJ

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