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Cause I knew you were trouble

Friday, March 08, 2013

Cause I knew wearing pale lipstick was trouble. Hehehe I am not used wearing pale lipstick. I am more of bright colour lipstick like red, hot pink, then red again girl. I feel much girly wearing bright colours for my lips. I feel prettier too. I wished I added colour to my lips. Looking at the photos makes me feel weird. It looks like I am sick. Hahahaha

Anyways, I have chosen a floral dress and a teal cardigan for a summer look. The heat of summer is starting to burst out little by little especially during afternoon. Do you agree? I like summer but I hate the humidity here in the Philippines. I feel icky and sticky after a long day out of the house when humidity strikes. I hope this summer won’t be that hot as before. Furthermore, it might be a little hot to wear a cardigan during summer. But this baby isn’t, it is 100% cotton from forever 21. 

Check out my outfit:
Heels from Parisian

Look at the pale lips! nyhahaha

Floral Dress | Shoes from Parisian | Ring from Bazaar | Spicky Bracelet a gift | Cardigan from Forever 21 | Brown Belt

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