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Summer Beauty Tips

Monday, March 04, 2013

Summer Beauty Tips – To keep you looking rested, refreshed and glowing all thru out the summer. 

  • Get Kissable Lips with Carmex – use lip balm to eliminate cold sores, soothe dry or chapped lips to achieve the kissable lips

  • Let your Skin Shine with RedGirlShop – use this to contour your face and let people notice your full potential 

  • Wake up Tired Eyes with V&M Naturals – Use herbal cooling eye gel to improve the appearance of wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness due to fatigue and lack of hydration. Especially during the hot season, this would be a perfect for eyes to brighten up and let your eye glow. 

  • Use Multi-tasking Products with Ciracle – this kind of product has plenty of ingredients that will whitens, nourishes and protects the skin. It will save us money from buying different products. 

  • Cleanse with Natural Republic – formulated with Argan Oil to clean the excess dirt in our place. 

  • Tone with V&M Natural – formulated with Witch Hazel to give the skin a natural glow, relieve tired skin and improve large, open pores and acne. 

  • Moisturize with Ciracle – formulated with Vitamin E to hydrate dry skin for a youthful look 

  • Treat Your Skin Overnight with K-derm – works on the deepest and most visible wrinkles. It penetrates deep into the skin and eradicates wrinkles at the root. Moisturizes, replenishes, and gives in depth firmness fighting various types of skin aging. Start using anti-aging creams as early as now. 

  • Cover Those Blemishes with Cinema Secrets – suitable most Filipina skin tones. Stop buying foundation with the wrong color for your skin. It will just make look trying hard to be white or tan. The more it suits the color of the skin the natural it will look. 

  • Add a Pop of Color to your Eyes with RedGirlShop – it is waterproof, you can still have make up even having fun and fooling around the beach. Swim all you want never think about the makeup if it will fade away easy. 

  • Or Add a Pop of Color to your Nails with Orly – pastel colors and neon colors are in again to relive summer with your nails. 

  • Most importantly, have enough rest. It will help our body to have condition for the next busy day ahead of us. 
I hope you enjoyed reading my post. You can check out the products by clicking the photo.
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