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Sunday, October 20, 2013

If you’re new to Pandora and recently received, or purchased, your very first bangle bracelet or barrel clasp, with an extensive catalogue of 600 sterling silver, 14k gold and two tone charms, it is understandable to be lost from there on. The best thing to know is that these bracelets are not as fragile as they appear, and can actually hold between 17 and 20 charms, so there’s no need to make difficult decisions when choosing your charms!

The Bestsellers

Pavé Charms

The pavé charms are a very popular collection from the Pandora jewellery selection. It means the stones in the charm are put very closely together with lots of small stones. Pandora usually use light clear stones such as the Pink Pavé Light which look feminine or darker tones such as the Blue Pavé Lights or Red Pavé for bolder statements. The colour from these pieces is always dazzling. The best part about the pavé charms is you can use them with any other collections to mix up your bracelet, or even lots together to create a sparkle.

Heart Charms

Hearts have always been used in jewellery, and Pandora uses them within plenty of different themes, including the Pavé and Murano as well. The pavés have their own heart shaped theme, one even being a Triple Heart design. In particular the heart shaped Red Pavé Heart Charm uses red cubic zirconia which sparkles against the sterling silver of the charm. Heart designs are very fashionable at the moment and the category to find them is Love, although they can be gifted for many other reasons. The pendants set off the colours in a similar way to the pavés but are smaller hearts and dangle; they can include black crystal and clear or red cubic zirconia.

Murano Beads

These are Italian circular glass beads that use colours in a similar way to the pavés; for the dainty or for the fierce statement. The charm is made from sterling silver and glass which means the light, reflects from the charm and therefore mixes with the other pieces on your bracelet. It is always suggested to go for colours with the Murano beads, and there are plenty to choose from, including this Autumn’s new Green Faceted Murano Charm which is perfect for this season. They are exceptional if you want to create a colour coded bracelet where you choose your gems and Murano in sync with one another.

Once you have filled your bracelet with your chosen charms there maybe left over space that is not quite big enough to fill with another charm. This is the reason to use spacers. There are two types of sizes although they are usually around 1/3 of the size of a normal charm, and are still beautifully designed so they compliment the bracelet. They are also useful if you have many dangles, to stop them clashing against each other.

Whether you decide to choose a few charms on your bracelet or completely fill it, there are plenty of genuine gemstones or colourful combinations to be made from the extensive catalogue.

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