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Blogopolis 2013: #IntoTheWild

Friday, October 18, 2013

This is another year for the biggest social media conference, the *drumroll please* Blogopolis. Let’s join the fun and meet other bloggers, social media enthusiast and digital marketers and advertisers in the conference.

The theme for the Blogopolis 2013 is #IntoTheWild which means Weaving Information for Leaders of the Digital world. According to them: 

This year, we are taking you to the Information Jungle. With the surge of social media, and other online platforms, we want to help you make sense of the digital world. Key speakers will be discussing social media know-how and digital marketing and advertising trends. Blogopolis 2013 is a day-long event starting with plenary sessions in the afternoon, and a post-conference party at night where key influencers in the industry will be awarded. This event is open to everyone - bloggers, social media influencers, students, digital marketing officers, and advertisers, and anyone who is interested in the world of digital, particularly social media. 

Let’s extend our networks and knowledge with the help of the speakers for the event. Here are the list speakers who will be sharing relevant digital marketing and social media insights: 

  • Abe Olandres for The Cycle of Ads: How to Make Social Media Advertising Effective
  • Aisa Ipac for Taking your Readers Offline: Successful Ways to Mount a Blog Event 
  • Christine Dychiao for Blog Fund: 10 Ways to Guide Back Traffic to Your Blog Using Social Media 
  •  Googly Gooeys (Tippy & Pong Go) for The Media Kit: Creating a Compelling Blog and Social Media Proposal 
  • Jeff Lo for Blog Thy Neighbor 
  • Jim Paredes for The New Nation 2.0 
  • Josh Vilanueva for Youtube: The Next Frontier 
  • Lori Baltazar for Podcasting 2.0: The Podcast is Alive 
  • Aris Olea (Creator of ConjuRain), Macky Lopez (Gwiyomi “Nasaan na si Mikay?”) for Going Viral 
Nuffnang will also hold its first Nuffie Awards to recognize the contributions of selected online influencers. Here are the categories and nominees:

The Game Changers

1. The Webmeister (Best Blog Layout of the Year)
a. Pepper.ph
b. Kyrzuy.com
c. Thefatkidinside.com
d. Breakmystyle.com
e. Davidguison.com
f. Gojackiego.com
g. Googlygooeys.com
h. Tiniglesias.com
2. The Newsroom (Best Source of Information of the Year)
a. Micohalili.com
b. Popularmanila.blogspot.com
c. @rapplerdotcom
d. @mmda
e. @jimparedes
3. The Jokebox (Funniest Influencer of the Year)
a. Thepickiesteater.com
b. Thesoshalnetwork.com
c. Tunaynalalake.blogspot.com
d. @ramonbautista
e. @petramahalimuyk
f. @sam_yg
g. Facundo & Filomena – Anyare?
4. The Following (Best Community Engagement)
a. The Becky Nights Podcast
b. Davidguison.com
c. Itsparadigma.com
d. Thebeautyjunkee.blogspot.com
e. Pinoyfitness.com
5. Bloggers’ Choice Award
a. Spellsaab.com
b. Davidguison.com
c. Divinemlee.com
d. Takbo.ph
e. Jenniepperson.com
f. Itscamilleco.com
g. Breakmystyle.com
h. Pattylaurel.com
i. Unbox.ph

The Movers & Shakers
1. The Social Engineer (Best Social Media Advocacy of the Year)
a. #RescuePH
b. P&G's E Studyante
c. Juana Change
d. @MovePH
e. I AM Peter Pardo
2. The Imagineer (Blogs with Best Photos)
a. Robbieoffduty.com
b. Pepper.ph
c. Wild-spirit.net
d. Tiniglesias.com
e. Victorbasa.net
f. Everywhere We Shoot - @ewws
3. The Rookie
a. Ricaperalejo.ph
b. Meganbata.tumblr.com
c. Vernverniece.com
d. Thesoshalnetwork.com
e. Team Kramer - @dougkramer / @chekakramer
4. The One for Zero (Twitter Influencer of the Year)
a. @ramonbautista
b. @sam_yg
c. @chicogarcia
d. @divinemlee
e. @saabmagalona
5. The N Factor (Blogger of the Year)
a. Dessertcomesfirst.com
b. Kryzuy.com
c. Outoftownblog.com
d. Manilafashionobserver.com
e. Davidguison.com
f. Takbo.ph
6. The Chosen One (Influencer of the Year)
a. Lori Baltazar
b. Ramon Bautista
c. Jenni Epperson

Blogopolis 2013 is co-presented by Blink.
Major Sponsor: Sun Broadband
Official Timekeeper: Timex

For Blogopolis updates, visit Nuffnang’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Or visit the official website: www.blogopolis.ph

To watch the full video here: http://bit.ly/BlogopolisFull

Watch teaser video here: http://bit.ly/BlogopolisTeaser

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