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#OOTD: Deadlines

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Hello! I am sorry. I am neglecting my blog for a while. It is because of the title of my #OOTD. . . DEADLINES. I don’t know how I will finish everything. Sometimes, I feel like Cinderella doing all the chores and my wicked step sister is having all the fun and attending the lavish parties. But the sad part of the story is, I don’t have a fairy godmother to help me with the magic. Anyways, I will just look at the bright side of the story which is the happy ending. I hope it will happen in my reality. Dang!

I promise once I have finished these things. I will be a full bloom blogger again. Yung Bohol adventure ko nga hindi ko pa napost, gumuho na nga un mga tourist spots, hindi ko pa din na share dito. It breaks my heart whenever I will hear news about Bohol. Super sad talaga, =(

Bib necklace

Beaded ipad case. Super chic!

Margaux Wedges for only P850 free shipping for Metro Manila

Moreover, let’s go back to the topic #OOTD. I wore an aztec dress, Alloy Candy Color Geometric Bib Chain Women Necklace from dualshine.com, beaded ipad case I ordered to my officemate and Margaux wedges from All Things Fit

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