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What influences you to try a new restaurant?

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

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Most of these days, it’s easy to detect what’s in and what’s hot in the market. Just by logging in to our social medias, surfing the internet and checking out the trending subjects, you will surely know what to buy, when to party, where to eat or how to do certain stuffs. In our world today, we have the easiest access to the information we needed. How lucky we are to have what we called the internet. Searching ideas, reading news, blogging, checking our emails can surely take our time when we are online. Not only that, it also influences us on our daily lives. For example, I am looking for a new restaurant to try. Which online resources I usually refer and influence my decision? 

In my case, I have a list…

No.1 – Social Media

If people are tweeting and sharing non-stop, they keep on raving something good about this restaurant, I will surely check on it. There are times, you just want to be in and be one of the cool dudes who went there first. Another scenario is if my favorite celebrity has visited a certain place and recommends it by sharing a photo on Instagram or facebook or a tweet pic. I will visit it too.

No. 2 – Blog reviews

Just like any blogger, your opinion matters. That’s why before I go to a certain place I check on my foodie bloggers for their ratings about the food of the new restaurant. If they gave 5 stars out of 5, I will hurriedly be going there, as fast as a lighting thief. As a blogger too, I want my reviews to be honest and detailed so I could help other people and my readers to know the facts and my opinion as well. Let our voices be heard.

No. 3 – Mobile Apps

Trustworthy apps just like looloo and trip advisor are one of mobile application that I truly rely on. Their recommendations are a must. I never gave them a doubt. They help us discover the hidden paradise of a foodie.

In short, I check on social media sites, then google about the new restaurant, click on the reviews either on a blog or on the mobile app. If I am convinced, time for a scrumptious meal. Yey! 


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