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Review: Martin's Ville Private Pool - Los Banos, Laguna

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Martin's Ville Private Pool

This is inside the first floor. It has the videoke and a lot of chairs and tables.

The cooking and dinning area. They have some stoves and a griller just in case you are planning to have a BBQ party!!! They also have a water dispenser provided.

The room. They have two rooms in the right side of the pool. It is fully air conditioned. Lamig naman. haha

The rooms are located in the right side of this photo. :D

They have clean restrooms and shower rooms. The other one is located besides the kitchen.

This is the second floor. 

The view from the second floor.

Billiards table, it is in on the left side of the kitchen.

Two of my friends are celebrating their 30th birthday. HAHAHA charot! Wala pa silang thirty.

The birthday boys with their girlfriends. Sweet lang. haha My task was to buy the cakes, para surprise. hahaha I bought them in Cakes to Go (Bf homes branch).

Party time!!!! Tugs tugs tugs tugs tugs!!!!

Ayan. Swimming time na! Hindi sila nakatingin. LELZ

My friends were the one responsible for booking this resort in Los Banos, Laguna. They discovered it thru facebook. At first, we were hesitant on reserving it via facebook. But they are easy to talk to and very accommodating. 

The Verdict:

The place is clean and modern. I think it is newly renovated or constructed. They have a huge place for cooking, eating, and even extra curricular activities. The place is complete with videoke, stove, billiards, tables and chairs, beds, swimming pool (of course!), refrigerator, and aircon rooms. The care takers were really helpful and accommodating. Sila Tito and Tita, I am not sure if they are the owners. Haha I am not in charge of transactions with them. It was my friend who planned almost everything. Haha Hindi ko masyado nachika sila, bait nila kasi nakagat ako ng weird na insect, namaga yung kamay ko. I asked for vinegar and they gave me. Ayun. It help stopped the itchiness and swelling. Whenever we have some requests, they surely attended to it. I am not sure if they gave us a discount. I heard my friends, asking for a few discount. Hahaha Moreover, the place is homey. The only problem we have encountered was the stairs of the pool. It is uneven, so be careful. One of my friends, bump his head on the stairs. He thought it is time for a deep swim. Ayun. Untog!! Hahahah Maybe because of the alcohol too. Haha

Overall, it is a resort for those who wants some privacy for a small group of people. I think it could occupy around 15 persons more or less for a cost of 12k. The pool is clean. Unfortunately, it is not large enough because of the stairs it almost occupy half of the pool. However, if you will have some kids on the pool, it is okay for it won't be that deep for the kiddos. Moreover, everyone can enjoy videoke, billiards, and foosball table too. If you will rent the 2nd floor room, I think it will have some additional fee. We enjoyed our stay here. Will be recommend this place? Of course!!! *wink *wink

Our rating will be 
4.5 stars out if 5 stars

For more information, visit their facebook page.

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