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Wedding 101: Make Up by Anna Vanessa Lo

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

One of the most important person during a wedding is the make up artist. Do you agree? They are the one responsible to make you look insanely gorgeous for your special day and also to make your future husband jaw dropped or cry because he is marrying a beautiful unicorn. Hahaha That should be your number one mission as a bride. It means every bride should find the right make up artist. Trust me, it was my mission back then. LOL I am so glad because I accomplished it. Thanks to Ms. Anna Vanessa Lo aka Ate Bunny. Haha 

Ate Bunny was recommended by our photographer R and K Photography. I don't have any ideas where to find a makeup artist so we decided to contact her. After inquiring to different makeup artist even just for asking prices, I have decided to book Ate Bunny and meet her in person. We decided to meet somewhere in Mall of Asia because it was near my office. Thank God hindi sa Makati. Hehe Ayun, she was soooo kind and very bubbly. I told her my pegs and she shared with me her thoughts with the do's and dont's. She also gave a discounted fee. Hihi We ended up with a contract (which I signed) and a receipt for the down payment. I also request for a sample makeup which was used during my pre-nuptial shoot, para hindi sayang make up. We are hitting 2 birds with one stone, right? 


Foundation time.

Ms. Bunny in action, she prefers to call her Ate Bunny. Haha 

Pretty namin LOLz

The Verdict:

Ms. Anna Vanessa Lo has 4 or more years of experience from being a make up artist. She was once a flight attendant, who decided to follow her passion as a make up artist towards making every woman beautiful with her artistic hands and with her keen eyes for details. She was really talented. For the makeup trial, which I used during our pre-nuptials photo shoot. Wala pang effort yun makeup that she did for me pero I look good na. Hahahahaha What more when the day of my wedding arrived, she did great! My wedding was in the afternoon, so she arrived in our hotel around 7 or 8 o'clock in the morning. That's the time where the magic happens. I have no regrets on hiring her as my makeup artist and I will surely recommend her to everyone. The bridal package I have avail was with airbrush for the bride. Then, the groom was also included. I added 4 more: my mom, my grandmother, his mom and his sister in her account. Even though, she was quite sick and not feeling well on the day itself, she performed nicely. Before entering the church, she told me. She can't make it to the reception because she was not feeling well but she entrusted me to her friend Anne, who I also hired for my entourage's makeup (Ate Bunny endorsed her to be the makeup artist for my entourage). Everything went well.  There would be few bumps here and there but just some minor ones. For my hair, I will post a separate blog for my hairstylist. Hihi

Sample work:

My mom

My Mother in law

During my pre-nup shoot, if you haven't seen it click here (PART1) and here (PART2).

Wedding day - before and after 

Finish Product. 

I will rate her overall performance 
5 stars out of 5 stars

For more information:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/annavanessa.lo
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annavanessalo_makeup/
Viber/SMS: 09177930150

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