One Short Quick Blog for now...

Last Monday, I have started to have my OJT. I'm feeling it. The corporate world has starting to welcome me step by step. Awesomeness! The company is very supportive towards us. They've given us our IDs, time card and set of rules and regulation. But as time passes by, I felt bored in what I've been going lately. No time to talk. No time to rest. Work work work. Yeah. Nakakapagod din pla humarap sa computer for so long. Busy sila lahat,talagang karir. I also realized that IT people has a boring job. Shocks! Is this really for me? Or I just need to adjust and cope up with the real world? That's it for now. I need to sleep for the next day ahead. Good nyt! :)

Meeting new people is very challenging and exciting. They might stay forever in your life or be gone in just seconds. People will keep entering in your life whether you like it or not. You don't have a choice but to accept them with open arms. Be ready in all possibilities.

What will I do if I met a person? I can't stop talking about him. I keep searching him in facebook without any common friends, without knowing his last name and without any idea of his face after all. Weird. I thought I won't find him. Fortunately, with my skills in searching I found his profile and have the courage to add him.

I was talking to my bestfriend. We both can't stop talking about him. The more we talk, the more we want to know him. Taking a chance, I googled him. I never thought there will be results. I learned more about him. I became his instant "admirer-slash-stalker" because of the information I've got.

If you have the change to met a guy, who is...
-talented in singing(proof: YouTube)
-taking up the same course as u do.
-active in school activities(proof: student leader)
-adventurous(proof: other org he's in)
-nice teeth & smile
-taller than you
-have a good educational background(proof: enrolled in a good university)
-God fearing(assuming lang kase may pictures sila nun holy week sa isang holy place)haha

Those characteristics are superb! It turned out to be the kind of guy, I will fall in love with. I realized something, what if God is letting me have a glimpse with my first and last love. OMG! more Kilig. I will wait for it. To realized it, I have a good imagination, right? kapalan lang ng peys. Daydream. daydream. Gutom? pwede din. :)) He's too busy pa daw kaya God always protects me from harmful raise of human beings that can cause hatred and confusion into my life. A better reason why I honor and trust God's plan. I want it happen, than to what I want and to what isn't for me. Just being a good friend for him will be alright for me. CHANCE. please. Come what may till the END.

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My last blog,I was carried away by my emotions. Sorry. Scratched all those things I've said. I feel much better now because I ready for intership next week. I know right. God has it's own time. I became too impatient lately. Due to pressure.

Anyways, I have a new topic for today. My love for photography. I love taking pictures of random things, people and events in my life. I'm not just taking pictures, I'm taking a shot of what my life is. "Craziness&Fun". I am an ordinary girl but I want an extraordinary life. I'm starting to live my life according to what I want with my camera (of course!). Before, I hate to be seen in some pictures. Life change. I just suddenly started to like be in the pictures. Taking pictures with some angle. It amused me how beautiful world can be. The sky, mother nature, almost everything on it. I appreciated more the goodness of God, how He created the world. So vast and alive, with mysteries and astonishing figures on it. A simple device, changes my outlook in life. After the graduation, I want to take up some photography lessons. Buy my own DLSR. Someday, If I have a chance, start my own photography studio. It gives me reason to live, everytime I'm doing what I really enjoy.

*sky@mall of asia* *me, holding donelle's dlsr*

*malou as my model* *clouds@SLEX*

Hey! I'm back. After twenty days of busy-ness, I'm here to let it out. Feelings, thoughts and mindless opinions of mine.

I wanna cry! Then, scream with all my might. So I could caught the attention of everyone. I'm sad and happy. Sad because I don't still have an assurance for my intership. I felt I am a major loser! Companies doesn't want me. *boo-hu-hu-huuu* I have four interviews then what did I get?? huh? Nothing. My self-esteem was crashed. Big time! Awhile ago, I'm crying. Yes! I know right? Me crying? for the love of gad, Gez! I can't help it. I'm also human. I'm ashamed, everytime I go to school with a formal attire and people keep asking, "where are you going?" For the nth time, I'll answer, "Interview". *Bullshit!* (baka sabihin nila, interview na naman, anak ng!) It feels unfair everytime I think of my other classmates. Unfair for the reason that our chairperson was responsible in finding their company. How about me? Why can't I feel that she is helping us? I know she is busy. I am irritated. hahaha I'm not fully enjoying this sembreak, if I still have some worries about the effin OJT. As the quote said, "Desperate time comes to desperate measure." It's true. I email-ed some companies, who can accept me for intership, I'm praying with all my heart so they will response in my emails. Please pray for me. People all over the world! Pray for me. Thank you. :) Our ojt will be starting next week, what will I do. Can anyone hire me?? Please. I'll kneel and beg in front of you. Just hire me as your trainee. Is that too desperate? Told yah. I'm in desperate times.

Anyways, I'm happy because its just in my nature to be happy and to be alive and to be kicking all the time. Even though, I have a little problems in the way. Thinking positive, that's me! Party everyday. Party eveyday. This week's gonna be a good week. Right?! Tell me I'm right. So I could shut up and have a peace of mind.

That's all. THE END! :)

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A random thought of last year, it was October 30, 2008, I can not remember the reasons why I had this from my cellphone. I actually put my thoughts around 4:37:24 am. Too early or too late to feel those emotions. Let me share this to you:

Missing someone important in your life is hard.
You will always wait for his presence, his voice,
his text message or even just the smell of his
fragrance. You are waiting for the reason, you
want him in your life. You want him to seat here
besides you. You want him to brighten up your day.
You want him to share his life with you. On the
contrary, what did you get? Nothing. So you
suddenly stop missing that person until the time
comes you already forget he exist. The bliss
starts to disappear. The thought of him change.
The feelings eventually fade. One day, he will
come back, too bad you don't care anymore.

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