Congratulations to  all graduates! Welcome to a new world! For all the grade school students, who will be entering high school this June, enjoy this part of your life. High school will be one of the memorable days of your life. For all the high school students, who will be college this school year, prepare yourself it will be one heck of a ride. College should be taken seriously it will prepare you for the real world but of course! Don't forget to have fun, meet new friends and explore new things. For all the college students, who will be entering the corporate world, I welcome you to the the real world. Life is just starting. This is reality. You are now in charge of your life like ME? hehehe

Anyways, it's my sister graduation. I took a vacation leave to be her photographer. I did not expect that my other batch mates will be there too, so instead of just watching the program I catch up with them. A little talk here and there. Thanks to them, I was not bored.      

My sister on our way to her school.

with her classmates

After her graduation. Gave her a bouquet of flowers.
My sister and my proud mom.

My sister graduated grade school. She has an award, "BEST STAGE PERFORMER". She likes to join almost all the activities. Pabida! :)) Then, she also sang The Climb with her classmate during the graduation ceremony. Guess what? I did not recognized that it was her so I did not took a video of it. Sorry, my bad! :c After the graduation, we ate at Pancake House. Actually our first plan was in Hap Chan but my mom passed by and did not recognized it, I am very hungry so the nearest resto I saw was Pancake house. Then, we saw an artista. I know his first name is Jake but we can't remember his last name. Damn! his HOT! :))

We celebrated her birthday a day earlier. It's Eat-All-You-Can day! Woooh. Another cheat day, because I'm on a diet. Seriously, I'm on a diet. Believe me or not, it's really me on a diet expect for that day.hehehe We ate at Yakimix in Hobbies of Asia (Macapacal). For almost an hour, we waited. Yes, we're the first on the waiting list that is why we stayed. Many Koreans, Chinese and Japanese were also dinning in that place. The opening hours for Yakimix is 11am-2pm then they resume at 6pm-11pm. My mom, sister and I were on time, 6 o'clock to be exact we arrived. On the other hand,we just can't believe how fast people came in, we ended up on a waiting list but it's really worth the wait.

the venue

raw food

cooking in our own table

plate no. 1 - with maki, beef and tofu

for dessert - ice cream and a slice of orange juice.

I was so full I can't even explain the feeling. Gluttony day for us. Too much of Japanese and Korean food. I think I won't eat for few months especially in a Japanese Restaurant. Until now I can feel the feeling of a bloated stomach, close to puking and hard to breathe. haha. TAKAW ko kasi. Well, no one can blame me. It's eat all you can resto so what should I do? Eat like a construction worker and taste all the cuisine. Yeah! the only way to enjoy food is to explore the goodness of taste that burst in our mouth. Happy Eating!
The first encounter with the new Starbucks logo. It's cool to see it. I did not recognized it until one of my friends told me. :)) I was busy that time listening and talking with them. Of course, I told myself, "I need to blog this!!!" *then took pictures of the new logo*

My Chai Latte - Iced

Cakepops! Very sweet!

New Logo!!!
When we hang around SB we usually just chill then talk then talk then zip then talk. hahaha In short, catching up with the events happening in our lives. Cool. I love talking and learning from the experiences of other people they help us to be more cautious. It can also help us to have a better decision in life. Agree? That's why I enjoy long conversation with different people, with different culture and with different aspect in life. It can make us to be a well-rounded person and it can establish our communication skills. Coffee time. =)

I am not scared of changing my hairstyle. I have done short to long or wavy to straight hair but one major dilemma is, "What suits me the best?". For these pass few months I am coping the hairstyle of Saab Magalona. hahaha Yes, I am a fan of her hair. Messy but in a good way. On the other hand, I am not Saab, who can carry a messy hair with confidence. That's why I am giving Saab a two thumbs up! Rock on!

This is with rocking the wavy hair. Sooner it became EPIL FAIL.

A few days ago, I have decided to straighten my hair. I went to the salon and I told them I want a Volume Rebond NOW!!! haha They have the promo, "Any length for only *insert price here*", so I save a little money on the side. As of now, I'm loving my hair. Want to see my new and improved hair? 
Warning: seducing daw! :))

My DP (display picture) on facebook.

Landi pose! :)))))

So what do you think? Wavy or straight hair? hmmmm.. Feel free to give your comments! :)
The calamities that happened to Japan was very devastating. I saw the tsunami hit Japan live via live stream on the internet. We were all busy working by that time, then suddenly one of my officemates saw the live stream and all of us were very shocked. It's like I am watching a movie, an end-of-the-world kind of movie. It's so surreal. 

Earthquake - 8.9 magnitude. It made the day a bit faster for some split seconds.

Tsunami - water ate the island of northeaster of Japan. Almost more that 10,000 were found dead, some are still missing. 

Fire -  burning buildings and industrial factories.

Radiation - from the nuclear power plant that is overheating.

Natural calamities lately were too much as we expect. It's all happening in a blink of an aye and everything is exaggerated. Is this the way for mother nature to take revenge? To let us pay for the damages that human being has done for her? We need to cooperate and unite to hear the cry of mother nature to us. We need to change our ways and live our lives. We will never know what will happen next.

The last day of February was spend with Therese (a friend from college and my forever seatmate), the night before we were at her sister's debut. I was included in the 18th treasures. I enjoyed the party. I'm like superwoman that night, living a double life because at the same time there was an event here and there. Gaad. I'm good. I juggled them like a boss. hahaha Tere decided to stay at our house for the night. We kept on talking and catching up with our lives. We ended up talking until 3 o'clock or 4 o'clock in the morning. Talkative? Yes, we are! Never ending stories. Our energy was low and we decided to sleep. Then, continued talking from the moment we woke up. Ate breakfast, watched "EASY A", ate lunch, watched funny videos from YouTube "Rich Kid" and took photos from my web cam. 

Wala pa yan ligo ligo. :)) Guess who??
with ate lasengera haha
BBbrrrr!!! COLD! with scarfs pa!

We lost internet connection for a long period of time. It's also getting late, she went home. It's been a while since I have a bonding time "one-on-one" with Therese! I miss you guurrl!  See yah around. =)