Last summer, around the month of March, I was invited to join an outing with my beau's family. They decided to go somewhere with white sand and fresh air. I joined them and had fun with our stay at Blue Coral Beach Resort for a night. We swam, eat, sleep and enjoyed our company of each other.

At the lobby.

At the reception place.

The view near the beach

The view from the lobby.

The bar it serves the best weng-weng I ever tasted. Mapapaweng-weng ka sa sarap! Hahahah lol or pwede ding 'Weng weng nga!' While looking to a wasted person. Hahaha Anyways, to those people who doesn't know what weng-weng is, it is a cocktail drink that consist of four season juice, orange juice, tequila, gin, vodka and others. See? That's the reason of calling it Weng-weng. If you don't have a strong tolerance for alcohol, you know the results. Drunken love! Hihi

The dinning area. The place where they serve the buffet. 

Sample of their food. What can I say about the required buffet meals? Hmmm.. It is not so good. Don't expect too much or else you will be disappointed for sure. Some of the dishes look really appetizing and taste good but some are not. If you will be spending your weekends here, be the judge. Then, share me your two cents. 

Beach front. This is where we stayed.

It has two queen size bed plus an extra mattress for extra guests. I think the mattress was free of charge.

The bathroom. It has a weird shape.

Look at the view! So nice, it feels like you were somewhere far from the urban city.

Our view from our nipa hut. 

Blue Coral Beach Resort has a lot of amenities such as swimming pool (adult and kiddie), warm water pool, videoke, table tennis, billiards, darts, badminton, tree house, souvenir shop, poolside bar, restaurant, mini zoo, fish pond. Guest can also try banana boat, fishing, speedboat, snorkeling, kayaking and island hopping. It was really fun experience here at Blue Coral beach resort. You can easily visit it within 2-4 hours of long drive with your love ones from Manila to Laiya, Batangas. I advice everyone to arrive at the place before the dawn so it would not be hard to find the place. It is a little bit remote and if you will visit the place by commuting, they told me it is hard to reach the place if it is evening. It will be dark and the chances to ride the public transportation will be low. It will be safe to arrive when the sun is still up.

Rates of the room/house (prices depend, if it is peak or off-peak season) :
  • Main House - P21,200 
  • Penthouse - P14,600
  • Family Deluxe - P10,600
  • Suite - P10,600
  • Beachside - P5800
  • Poolside - P5,800 
  • Deluxe - P5,800
They have accommodating and approachable staff. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the food. If I would rate it, I will give them a satisfactory grade. But for overall, I will give them 4 out of 5 stars. The place was wonderful. You can enjoy the long shore line of the beach. Relax with privacy. Swim at the pool or at the beach. It was a nice experience. I will post more of the photos on my next blog post (CLICK HERE TO SEE).

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Banapple is a restaurant that offers variety of food. They sell cakes, pies, pastas, soup, breakfast meals and a lot more. People are lining up just to eat here because they have affordable prices with huge serving. The prices ranges from 150 pesos and up. 

Here's the Banapple branch at Alabang Town Center. Small but terrible. 

It has a cozy environment. It feels like home.

Grandma's Corn Chowder and Super Caesar Salad. My combo meal when I am on a diet. Hahahaha I am so into soup. Yummy! Everytime we eat out, I think I am mostly incomplete without ordering a soup. Grandma's corn chowder consist of potatoes, corn and crumbled bacon. While the Super Caesar Salad is an all time favorite salad of mixed greens with bacon bits and Parmesan with pecan pralines.

For me, the salad is for sharing. Well, I guess all of their food are for sharing except for this soup. I can finish it all by my self. It is tasty and it has a lot of veggies too.

The savory tuna pie is a food that's good for our heart with savory sause, wrapped in a buttery crust. It is too big. It has a unique taste. You can partner it with the caesar salad. 

Bacon fried chicken steaks with milk'shroom gravy. It is consist of crispy chicken fillets smothered in a creamy milk and mushroom gravy, topped with yummy bacon bits and serve with corn relish and rice.

Lasagna Roll-ups has herbs and parmesan cheeses fill lasagna wide strips and rolled up with the classic tomato meat sauce and mozzarella cheese. It is meaty and cheesy indeed. People are unbelievable when they finished it without sharing it to the other people. It is so heavy! 

This is chicken parmigiano. It is a fillets of chicken breast encrusted in a parmesan crumb mixture topped with rich stewed tomato meat sause and melted mozzarella. Served with glazed buttered carrots and rice.

Everyone likes a homey cooked food, I can say you can get it here at Banapple. It is a restaurant that will surely stop your tummy from crumbling and growling.

The Verdict: 4.3 stars out of 5 stars! Thumbs up! :)

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Excuse the quality of my photo, used my ipad for the images.

Photo grabbed from google.
This local movie is a feel good movie. Nothing serious with the storyline, it is about a novel called “The Gifted”, which the main characters were Anne Curtis as Zoe Tuazon, Cristine Reyes as Aica Tabayoyong and Sam Milby as Mark Ferrer. It started from their childhood and how they became close until high school, when Zoe (Anne Curtis) was really determined to be top of their class. She took advantage of Aica (Cristine Reyes) while she is so madly in love with Mon (Sam Milby), a newly transferred student that needs help on his academic, so she made a deal to make all his assignments, projects and even copy her test papers during exams. In return, all he has to do is make Aica (Cristine Reyes) distracted with her studies and believes that he is also in love with her. Then, the last quarter of the school year ended, they both have the same average. Afterwards, the parents of Zoe (Anne Curtis) donated a building for the school which made her the valedictorian of the class. It made Aica (Cristine Reyes) fuming with anger, while having a dinner both of them exchanged some hurtful words. It ended their friendship. After 10 years, both of them became successful in their own ways. Their paths will cross again because of the high school reunion, the war begins.

This movie is lightweight compare to their previous movies such as No Other Woman. Anne Curtis was good on the movie. She portrayed the character easily. She is so cute even she gained 200 plus lbs. hehe On the other hand, Sam Milby is a surprisingly funny with his bisayan accent. Hahaha who thought it would be coming. Moreover, Cristine Reyes was too good (too mabait) on the movie. I think being maldita will suit her most than being the damsel in distress. Hehe

The Verdict: 3.4 out of 5 stars.

How about you? Did you enjoy it? Share your thoughts! XD

Lately, I have been hanging out on the restaurants in the Metro. Yes! That's why I gained a lot of weight and I am so discourage to post an OOTD. Hahaha For now, I think I will post more of food and movie reviews. Hmm.. Well, it depends on my mood. Haha Today, I am craving for Japanese food, everytime my mom wants to go Japanese, this is one of our to go restaurant. The... Drumroll please... Tempura Japanese Grill. 

Uncle Sam's Maki is one of their original maki. It really tastes good. It has a unique flavor.

Nutty banana shake - anything that has a banana on a shake will defininitly be safe on our taste buds.

Miso soup - this is one of the soups that will always be on a japanese restaurants. It is healthy. I read somewhere that it can help cure cancer because of the nutrients that a miso can give to our body.

Four season shake - it is consist of mango and other fruits hahaha try it!

Sukiyakidon - It is a dish that was combined with sukiyaki and donburi. Sukiyaki is a hot pot meal consist of tofu, fresh vegetable, noodles and meat. Meanwhile, donburi is a selection of toppings that is laid over on a bowl of rice which the common toppings are beef or chicken plus egg. Yummyyy! Then, if you combine both of them, sukiyakidon. It was good indeed. I am a happy girl. hohoho

Gyudon - This is my usual order to a japanese restaurant. Sometimes I feel incomplete without ordering this dish. It is a rice toppings with beef and raw eggs. 

I am with my little sister. Looking up for an angle that could make our face thin.Hahaha 

Too much food, can make us fat. That's one thing we should always remember. haha Eat moderately. Anyways, eating at Tempura Japanese Grill is something we crave for. The price ranges from mostly 180php and above. It is a little expensive but they have a large serving that can make you and your friends' tummy full. Busog, in short!! hahaha

The verdict: 4 stars out of 5 stars

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Address: Alabang Zapote Road Alabang Commercial Complex, Muntinlupa
Phone no.: (02) 850 1273

The contemporary art is now simply full of talent. New gorgeous Brazilian models, Los Angeles photographers and French designers, are making fashion history every single day. The Japanese master Mizuno Masaki is one artist that is not well known to the general public but has an incredible success. He is a talented illustrator and art director that is now making his first steps in the fashion industry. The amazing artist is a proud resident of Tokyo city. His images are full of elegance and the way he works with the pencil and with the watercolors is simply, breathtaking. Even if most of his illustrations depict naked girls, they are full of chic and life.

Famous fashion houses often invite Masaki to draw their collections. The Japanese artist has depicted the models in pieces of clothing from brands, like Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Maison Martin Margiela, Miu Miu, Nina Ricci, Prada, Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen. The artist claims that by creating the watercolor, acrylic and pencil drawings of naked or fashionable dressed girls, he primarily seeks to express their inner feelings and vibes. His work is an expression of the inner psychology and self-reflection through art. Mizuno says that it is important for the audience to get a glimpse of his own point of view and way of feeling and tasting life and art. What a beautiful way to express his attitude towards art and fashion…

Masaki Mizuno was born 1971, in the province of Ishikawa, Japan. He graduated a very famous school in Tokyo-the Bunka Fashion College. After graduation, he started creating illustrations for the fashion industry while alternating them with different personal ideas. The sensuality and fragility that can be seen and felt in the Masaki’s works, are unique. The combination between the traditional materials and techniques, the addition of innovative ways to paint with acrylic, pencil, gouache and airbrushing and the personal point of view on fashion, are what makes Masaki so genuine and successful. Fashion has to deal not only with clothes, shoes and accessories. It is an industry based 100% on art that’s created by people like Mizuno Masaki. 

Before and after photo 

After the long wait, I finally had time for doing this. Yep! I decided to remove my ugly warts on my face. It was one of the nerve-racking things that I have ever done on my face. No pain, no gain! That's the motto when it came to beauty. Haha 

After the treathment.

I purchased the unlimited warts removal for 1,000++. I think they have a promo that time. Every stings and sound of the laser was worth it. It may sting for the bigger and fully develop one but for the little ones, you won't feel a thing. After the treatment, they put some ointment. Then, they required me to buy a post cream treatment so the scabs will be removed faster. It should be applied twice a day. It took a week or two, before all my scabs was removed. Then, the photo below happened. No more warts! My face is now a warts free zone! It is nice to apply makeup on my face. I feel flawless and glowing.

Will I do it again? Of course! For the sake of beauty, I will. Hahaha 

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