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Day 1: Best Friend

Monday, August 02, 2010

Dearest Best Friend,

You know who you are. I'm thankful because you are always there to remind me of who I am. For keeping in touch time to time. For laughing at my corniest jokes and clumsiness. We've been best friends for almost eight or seven years. No doubt you're really a good person inside and out. As we call each other as "Sis" (short for sisters), I'm sure you're my long lost sister. We are partners in crime. We love to talk and back-stabbed other people. hahaha kiddin. We share a lot of many common interest that helps us to be bonded even more. We don't have secrets. We know each other very well.

As time passes by, nothings change. We still laugh at the people we love to laugh about. hahaha kiddin. We laugh at our own sablay moments that we could not stop laughing even though we are in the streets walking, in the escalator, in the jeepney or anywhere as long as we are together. Meeting new interesting people are one of the things we want to explore. We are fun and happy people. To sleepovers, outings, parties, booze night or just chilling at your house, solve kung solve. The most important is we have each others company. We are like twins separated by birth. We like kikay things, girly things or whatever thingy it is. I am so lucky to met someone who is pretty(like moi), kind, friendly and always on the go without pretenses. REAL PERSON. Not like others who are back stabbing little bitches when you're gone. You have no chance to be like them because you're straight forward, you say what you feel and that's what real people should do. NAKS!

Moreover, as we were in highschool even crushes we shared, sometimes until now share pa din tayo. Mainis sa mga aurabells at sa mga feelingerang kerokoroppi nagkakasundo talaga tayo. Pati sa pag simba tapos papaload ka sa ruins after ng mass. hehe Volunteer sa red cross and until now we still have communication with them, kasama na din pumarty. Maiwan ako na jeep tapos ikaw nakasakay na. the best! Magintay ng NBI clearance na super tagal at ang init init. Jogging moments na parang ikaw couch ko, pinapatakbo mo lang ako na pinapatakbo tapos ikaw nakaupo lang may patimer timer pa nalalaman. Photowalks natin with bff John, tapos hindi na inaupload at hanggang nagyon hindi pa nakikita yung iba. Basta sobrang dami na natin memories together. Wala na tatalo dun, promise. EPIC! hahaha

In life, there will be always ups and downs and I'm sure we will have each other. To be strong and brave to face all of them. We can do it. Lalo ka na best girlscout ka di ba? Always pray and always believe in the Lord. He will guide you. If you're encountering major issues in your life, just think positive wag agad aayaw. haha I'll be here. Just call or text me, dito lang ako party tayo. Advance happy birthday gift ko na din 'to syo! Letter ko sayo nasa blog ko pa. TARUSH! Thanks for the friendship and moments we shared thru the years. I love you sis! You are the BFF! Best Best friend ever.


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