Day 2: Long Time Crush

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Dearest Long Time Crush,

Hi. Hello. *pacute mode* How are you? haven't seen you for so long. Buhay ka pa kaya? I want to tell you something. CRUSH KITA! :)) Funny it may seems pero I like you from the day I first saw you at the church like almost 9 years ago, I guess. Oo sige na, OA! Everything's overrated! Well, I don't even know your name I just know you from your face. Basta makita kita, yun si crush! Ewan ko ba kung bakit kita crush pero we don't even have a close connection to each other. We don't have common friends or something. We just have one in common, we always go to the same church. You're not even my typical crush because you lack height, you smoke, and you have "poknat" somewhere in your head. (pati yun pansin ko??)

Why I admire you? It's the way you serve the Lord. It's the way you pray at mass. To look someone so sincere when he prays. Shet! my heart melts. Not all the guys are like you. You look maangas or snobero but there's something within you is different. I dunno. Hindi pa naman kita nakakasama personally pero wolo long, unexplainable feeling. haha

Dati madalas kita makita, *kilig kilig* Alam mo bang, I always keep on my eyes on you everytime you're around. Of course! I don't make it obvious. Ewan ko nga ba kung hindi mo ko nakikita patingin tingin. :)) Alam mo yung kahit sobrang tiny chance that we will know each other, I can't let go before. Kahit 1% lang yun I'm still hoping. Ganun talaga ako sa lahat ng crush ko, swerte mo lang ikaw pinkapatagal kong crush. There's a moment in my life before that keeps telling myself, 10years from now noon e “baka lang” someday somehow e alam mo na, we are fated for each other. nyak! cheesssyyyy! Syempre sa ngyon hindi na, wala na un. Things change. Natangap ko na ang kapalaran na mas mdami pa dyan. hehehe I saw your facebook, I want to add you sana, para makapagstalk man lang syo. Isipin mo yun, inisa isa ko un friends ng friend mo until I found your account. (stalker nga akong tunay hehehe) I choose not to add you. Wag na lang. Baka lalo lang kita maging crushiiieee. Kung someday we'll have the chance to be friends. Okey na ko dun, at least we are friends. Just to see you in flesh makes me tumbling around what more if we will be a friend that’s enough for me. Now, I'm seeing myself with someone else.(me ganun?)hahaha Hindi tulad ng dati, if a guy what's to court me, I consider you always. =)) hibang na ko. Bata pa ko nun, sensya na, abnormal lang.

I wish you good luck and happiness too. See you when I see you!

your stalker

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  1. HAHAHA! this is just so honest! :) ano ba yan! bakit hindi mo sya inadd? malay mo dun na mag-umpisa ang lahat! hahaha. :)) (udyukera talaga ko!)

    anyways, mr. right will come next to ya naman! fosho! *hugs*

  2. hahaha. masyado ako ginanahan sa pagsulat tungkol kay crush. :))

    mr.right, i'll see him soon. hehe


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