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Day 8: Chatmate

Monday, August 09, 2010

Hey Chatmate,

What's up chatmate! Hmmm.. Even though we just have Hi's and hellos in person but in the internet world. We're like bestfriend. hahaha Seriously, maybe because there're times that you know what I feel most of the days compare to my closest friends in real life. Thank you! In tough times, you make me feel sane, specially when I really really need someone to talk to. Thank you talaga! I appreciate your time and stories about anything. We're like crazy people when we are bangag or adik mode. We make our own fantasies that are so unbelievable! You make me laugh like a retard, (syempre i'm in front of the pc tapos i'm laughing my ass out.. ewan lang db?) You are so kind, promise! I can't believe we will be close. Sometimes you share about your life pati lovelife na din. Ang galing lang talaga! Minsan din, ako din. Sumeshare na din ako ng kwento about those guys, who's you know. Basta. hehe Sometimes, we also feel the same way. Depress depressan tayo pero mukhang mga baliw lang kasi anu-ano pa naiisip. We like to joke around. Paadikan lang ng reply at padamihan ng "HAHAHAHA"... See? close closesan na tayo! All I can say for now is THANK YOU! You'll be may favorite internet friend. hehe

your chatmate

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