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Day 3: Parents

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Dearest Parents,

Thank you for bringing me to this wonderful world. For letting me experience how to live and to be independent is very important to me. I can stand by my own. If time comes, pinalayas nyo na ko okey lang. haha I’ve been sometimes stubborn or maybe rude, I’m sorry. There are times I think you’re being immature or not understanding or considering my feelings. I might look like I’m strong outside but deep inside I’m weak. I need someone to let me know they appreciate my little or big efforts for being a good child.

To my father, you turned your back at your responsibilities, to your wife, to your daughters, in short to us. Its fine it made us strong. It made my mom to strive harder for us. I don’t have any grudges towards you. Every thing has its purpose. I appreciate that we still have a communication once in a while. But you almost miss my entire life. My only wish is DSLR ko. You told me graduation, last month of March, April pass by, June and July is over. August is now starting. Well, I'll stop expecting so there will be no disappointment. Right? hahaha But still wishing you come into your senses. Pray pray...

To my mother, a big hug for you! Thanks for being there for us no matter what. Even I'm so lazy at times or so stubborn. I know I not an affectionate person, it stop when I grew up. I dunno. Maybe people around aren't like that affectionate too. We're like close friends at times. Sometimes I think, I'm more matured than you. haha You complain and nag about small or big things. It irritates me. If you don't want to happen again do some actions please, not just blurting it every time you have the chance. I'm not fan of people, who complains about every thing in life. One word: "ANNOYING". I want to tell you, Good Job! You raising as to be a better person. Actually, 50% from my grandparents. Anyways, sorry for my behavior at times. I'm not perfect but I'm trying to be the best I can. Just a little appreciation is all I need. I'll work hard for our future. We'll have our own house soon. We'll be rich. Stand still and be ready.

For both of them, I learned a lot from all of you. Keep on praying. Don't forget that God should be the center of our lives. Take care always coz I care a lot even if doesn't show. LOVELOVE.

your daughter

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  1. it is hard to be a child and it is hard to be a parent, too. i wish u success in life, good luck


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