Day 5: Big Dreams

Friday, August 06, 2010

Dearest Big Dreams,

*Intro* Dreams are my reality nanananana... song yan! :)) Hey Dream! I wish someday you'll be my reality. I have a lot of dreams! Plenty plenty! Like to be a billionaire so freaking bad! Or to travel the world. Sometimes I wish I was born rich but then again. I'm happy with my life.

Seriously, I'll enumerate 3 of my dreams.. First, to be with you? haha kiddin. Hindi yan first. Last. hahaha ano ba yan. Again again. My number one dream is to be an archiver with my career. I'll be a boss na pakape kape na lang tska sipol sipol and earn loads of money. If ever, I want my own business at the same time.

Second will be... To have my own house that is fully furnished. Nakainterior pa kung baga. haha Para hindi na ko NPA(no permanent address) Plus swimming pool and gym. Wow. Don't forget the home entertainment room. That's what I called "Dream House".

Third will be just simple... To have someone to share my dreams with... Aaaiiiyyeee! me ganun talaga! hahaha Para saan pa ang lahat ng blessing kung wala naman ako kashare, I'm I right or I'm super right?! Family in the future. Tipong ten years pa dapat yan! hehe I'm not rushing things. Mauna muna ang dapat mauna. Career at kayamanan. Whatever.

God will be my decision maker. Actually, I let go of my dreams and I let God do His will. I know it will be the best. Come what may! I'm ready to be surprise. Only God knows. He will provide.

a dreamer

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