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Day 10: Someone I don’t talk to as much as I’d like to

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

To my friends (in elementary, highschool, of course! college),

I miss you all. Years before, we almost talk to each other like everyday in our lives, we never thought it might end as easy as that. For the reason, that we need to go to different schools, I need to live here in P'que and so on and so on... First, in my adjusting period, I felt nostalgic and crazy thinking of all the moments we have together. As time pass, I need to move on and live a life. I found new friends, new crowd and new environment. We sometimes don't have time to talk to each other. I'm sorry. I keep in touch naman once in a while. Syempre, you have your life din. But if you're not busy, let me know. Lets bond with each other. hahaha I mean bonding tayo! If there's a way there's a will. True! Pag gusto ko talaga sumama, I'll find a way. Except kung may nauna na. You know, first come first service basis ang batayan sa gimick or kung saan feel ko mas masaya. Join ako! haha Even though, I don't see you as much I want to buti na lang nadyan ang FB. Makita ko lang you're smiling in your picture. I'm happy and communication is so much easy these days. We have internet, cellphone, FB and other technologies. There's no reason for not catching up. On the other hand, seeing you all in the flesh is much exciting and enjoying. I could hear your voices and all the famous banats that would make me laugh then cry at the same time (i miss those moments). Reminiscing the happy, sad, retard moments we've been thru. The undying funny tactics we can't stop doing and the heart to heart talks that always made our day.

If only I'm rich, I'll buy a subdivision and we'll live next with each other. Party all the time! I imagine how life will it be. So fun! If I am bored I'll just press the door bell in your gate and ta-da. Bonding moments! How cool will it be, right? Anyways, i'm always here if you need someone to talk to. Call me, text me if you wanna reach me. Okey?! My lines are open 24/7.

someone missing you

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