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Day 12 : Caused me a lot of pain

Monday, November 01, 2010

To hate,

I despise your actions because it caused me pain, heartache, and shuttered dreams. You pushed me to a cliff without catching me. You let me fall. Then, you pretend you care until you slowly vanished into thin air. I’m injured. You left. This is me alone. Unsecured. Unloved. Confused. I was alone in this place of unknown. Imagining what if… why… or how it end up like this. Too much of uncertainty, I became too foolish to look out for answers. I kept on blaming myself… But I stop, then, the time let me realized, you made me strong. Unfortunately, I became allergic to bullshit. I itch everytime, they’re near me. I sneeze when they talk. Thanks to you. I know how to prevent a virus like you. P.S. I hate u no more. Acceptance is the key.


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