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Day 24 : The person that gave you your favourite memory

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Seriously, I have a lot of fave memories, when I smile alone, sometimes random memories keep on flashing back again and again. I wish that I could still be there once more, reliving my life all over again without any regrets.

These are the person, who are special to me that every time I imagine if I’ll lost them, I get emotional and my life will be a wreck. Yes, total wreck. I can’t afford losing them both. I’m not an affectionate person I know, but I want to express my love to them, to her and to him. I want to thank them. I’m and always grateful that they have been part of my life. I miss them. I love them so much. It took me some time to move on with my life before. I might not be the sweetest person but I’m trying to be for them. I want them to be proud and tell their friends that I’m now a grown lady. No one can replace them in my life, even my friends. I always pray for them to have a good health and long life. I want them to see how I’m now. I hope they’ll see me successful with my career, with my life and with my family. It breaks my heart whenever I miss them and how seldom I see them. I always have time for them. ALWAYS. <3


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