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Day 19 : Someone that pesters your mind—good or bad

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

To all naggers and who complains a lot,

One big letter F for you. Hahaha Go f*ck youselves! Sorry but it annoys me if someone nags about this and that then, keeps on complaining. I have an advice, go drown yourselves! Then, die! No one wants to hear your voice, complaining about everything and you keep on repeating it 45 million times a day. Geezz! Get a life! Seriously, once or twice is fine. Trice is tolerable but 45 million times is too much. Haha If you want change, so start acting than blurting words. Nothing will change if you’re motor mouth just keep on going. ACT deary. Is it clear?? Second, stop intervening with my life. I hate it. I have my own brains so I’ll use it to make my own decisions. Ok? Wag pakilamera. Hahaha


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