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Day 21 : Someone you judged by their first impression

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Dear someone,

I know, I’m guilty as charged. I guess I ‘m not the only one but mostly people do the same to other people. They judged the way they look, how they talk or how they act. For me, first impression really doesn’t last, because 80% of first impression is your or my own judgment especially for the new persons in our lives. I can’t help to think maybe he’s like that or like this but then again after few talks and get together events. Now I can say it’s all wrong. I judge him or maybe I judged you easy that I didn’t gave you the chance to reveal the real you. I’m so sorry. That’s why we should stop judging people easily, who are we to judge, only God has the privilege to judge everyone. Not you, not me nor not us. Next time let us be careful and avoid the same mistakes.

not a judge

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