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Day 28 : Someone that changed your life

Monday, November 29, 2010


He’s truly my first and greatest love. No one can change it. He made my life amazing and wonderful. It may seem to be ordinary but it has extraordinary events. I am thankful in His every single ways to make me feel ecstatic to live for another day. For the second life, for the second chances or for whatever He gave me. I’m so glad; life without Him is meaningless, blunt and incomplete. When I talked about God, I’m speechless. His goodness is amazing and unconditional. Because of my faith in Him, I was changed. I decided to become a better person with hope and perseverance. A life with God is a miracle. He find ways to make me feel better and be more positive in life. By recognizing your present, I always feel blessed and love. Thank you. I owe my life to you.

child of God

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