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Day 17 : Childhood friend

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Hi childhood friend,

My memories with you was still vivid in my mind. Let's go back to memory lane...

Years ago, during my nene days, he was one of my playmates. I'll see him in our neighborhood, everytime my great grandparents will fetched me from my parents' house. I'll just roam around in their compound especially in the afternoon. Then, we'll started playing. Water guns, fish ponds, bikes or whatever a child can think of how to play with. Yeah. I think we've done that. It was so happy days. Care free days. I have a confession to make. I have a little crush on him. :))) (landi mode bata pa lang) I could till remember the day that he smile on me, when I was on my way home (nasa tric pa ko noon, elementary pa lang ako). The day of my 7th birthday, I still have the gift he gave to me. OMG! a purple shirt with a small pocket and plaided prints on the lower part of the shirt. hahaha I dunno, why i still can't give it to others. haha Memorable eh. It was 13 years ago.

Now, I don't have any news from you. My last time I knew, you're in the US for migration. I guess you have your wonderful life out there. Take care. I'm thankful that you've been part of my childhood days. =)

your childhood playmate

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